Main target of the workgroup is to exchange information on the use of blockchain technology in international supply chains. We exchange experience on all aspects of the use of blockchain technology from governance to applications to technology etc. We bring together operational, commercial initiatives in the market as well as research institutes (like Fraunhofer).
The objective of the workgroup is to create an environment in which the use of blockchain in international supply chains is enhanced and validated, to achieve maximum innovation acceleration.

ALICE / Blockchain workgroup members can contribute by presenting and discussing in the workgroup meetings/webinars.

After filling out the survey, an interested party can access the full content of the workgroup materials on the ALICE Knowledge Platform Blockchain section. The enrolment key will be sent after the completion of the survey. For ALICE members, available in the Knowledge Platform – Systems & Technologies for Interconnected Logistics area (follow this link).

Note: Blockchain workgroup is a joint initiative between ALICE and ELUPEG. Therefore, joining the workgroup does not require being an ALICE member. Participation is open to all interested parties. To get engaged, a party must fill out a survey which can be found here.

In development.