Mission & Vision


  • Development of new logistics and supply chain concepts and innovation for a more competitive and sustainable industry.
  • The ambition is to contribute to a 30% improvement of end to end logistics performance by 2030
  • The ETP on logistics aims to accelerate the deployment of more efficient, competitive and sustainable supply chains.
A 10% to 30% increase of efficiency in the EU logistics sector means:

€ 100 – 300 billion cost relief for European industry ALICE ultimate challenge will be to contribute to a European industry resilient by a true “people, planet and profit” oriented logistics and supply chain sector, i.e. a sector that is economically, environmental and socially sustainable contributing to both industry competitiveness and the EU policy targets.

Who should participate

  • Primary stakeholders: shippers and logistics service providers
  • Other relevant stakeholders: transport companies, terminal operators, support industry and research and education
  • Define research and innovation strategies, roadmaps and priorities agreed by all stakeholders to achieve the ETP on Logistics vision. These items will assist the European Commission in the definition of Research and Innovation Programs, i.e. HORIZON 2020
  • Foster innovation in logistics and supply chains, stimulating and accelerating innovation adoption in order to make possible the growth of the European economy through competitive and sustainable logistics.
  • Raise the profile and understanding of new logistics technologies and business processes, monitoring progress and adjusting research and innovation roadmaps accordingly.
  • Contribute to a better alignment and coordination of European, national, regional innovation programs in logistics.
  • Provide a network for interdisciplinary collaborative research involving industry, academia and public institutions.

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