Structure of Alice

The ETP on Logistics will operate using the five principles of good governance:

  • Openness: The ETP will be open to any interested organization that supports the strengthening of research, development and innovation efforts in the Logistics sector in Europe, the only requirement being active participation in the Working Groups of interest.
  • Participation: All organizations wishing to be associated with the ETP must participate actively in the Working Groups of its interest.
  • Accountability: Roles and responsibilities of any group of the ETP must be clearly defined.
  • Effectiveness: Clear objectives for the ETP, and the criteria related with the impact of the different activities will be established.
  • Coherence: Actions and initiatives must be aligned with, and cascade from, the ETP mission, vision, general objectives and the objectives of the Research Agenda

To achieve this principles, the following structure is proposed taking into account best practices of other European Technology Platforms operating since the early 2000.


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