Executive Group & Secretariat

Sergio Barbarino
ALICE Vice Chair
Research Fellow, Procter & Gamble

Francois Regis Le Tourneau
Corporate supply chain Standards & Prospective Director, L´ORÉAL

Nik Delmeire
ALICE Vice Chair
Coordinator, European Inland Waterway Transport Platform

Pieter Leonard
ALICE Sustainable Logistics Supply Chains Chair
Capability Manager Supply chain food-transport, Colruyt Group

Salvador Furió
ALICE Corridors, Hubs & Synchromodality Chair
Director of Innovation & Port Cluster Development, Fundación Valencia Port

Tomas Ambra
ALICE Corridors, Hubs & Synchromodality Chair
Logistics Research Lead, IMEC

Lars Deiterding
ALICE Systems & Technology for Interconnected Logistics co-Chair
Executive Director, HaCon

Angelos Admitis
ALICE Systems & Technologies for Interconnected Logistics co-Chair
Research Director, ICCS

Michael Archer
ALICE, Global Supply Networks Coordination &  Collaboration Chair
Strategy Development Director Europe, CHEP

Charlotte Migne
ALICE Urban Logistics Chair
Group Sustainable Development Director, FM Logistic




Fernando Liesa
Alice Secretary General


Dirk ‘t Hooft
Director Communication

Indrek Ilves
Member of Secretariat

Yanying Li
Head of Programmes and
Knowledge Management

Mar Vicente
ALICE Secretariat Support &
ZLC Research Office Assistant