Executive Group & Secretariat

Sergio Barbarino
ALICE Vice Chair
Research Fellow, Procter & Gamble

Francois Regis Le Tourneau
Vice President Corporate Responsibility – L’Oréal For the Future, L´ORÉAL

Nik Delmeire
ALICE Vice Chair
Coordinator, European Inland Waterway Transport Platform


Andrea Condotta
ALICE Sustainable Logistics Supply Chains Chair
Public affairs, Sustainability & Innovation Director, Gruber Logistics

Salvador Furió
ALICE Corridors, Hubs & Synchromodality Chair
Director of Innovation & Port Cluster Development, Fundación Valencia Port

Lars Deiterding
ALICE Systems & Technology for Interconnected Logistics co-Chair
Executive Director, HaCon

Angelos Admitis
ALICE Systems & Technologies for Interconnected Logistics co-Chair
Research Director, ICCS

Michael Archer
ALICE Global Supply Networks Coordination &  Collaboration Chair
Strategy Development Director Europe, CHEP

Paola Cossu
ALICE Urban Logistics Co-Chair
CEO and Shareholder, Fit consulting

Hans Schurmans
ALICE Urban Logistics Co-Chair
Logistics operations Director, Proximus




Fernando Liesa
Alice Secretary General

Dirk ‘t Hooft
Director Finance & Admin

Indrek Ilves
Director Operations & IT

Yanying Li
Head of Programmes and
Knowledge Management




Mar Vicente
ALICE Secretariat Support &
ZLC Research Office Assistant

Pablo Segura
Junior Project Manager

Andreea Calin
Senior Innovation Manager

Elvina Nowak
Project Manager

Stefanie Van Damme
Project Manager & Technical Lead

Máximo Martínez
Project and Members Support

Edgar Perez
Finance, admin and communications support

Marion Cottet
Project Manager

Yuliya Sahitava
Senior Communication & Project Manager

Laura Mata
Policy Monitoring & Project Support