ALICE Knowledge Platform gathers extensive resources on innovation in the logistics sector.

It provides visibility to main deliverables, outcomes and implementation cases of EU funded R&I projects. It also includes contact details of project partners and experts working in those projects. The Knowledge Platform provides information on funding opportunities, innovative companies, and a library with relevant papers and reports such as the resources from the International Physical Internet Conference.

An Innovation Marketplace has been developed to link innovation seekers willing to solve a problem and R&I projects outcomes owners that can provide a solution and with experts who can unpack the problem and develop solutions.

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In this section you find projects:

  • relevant for ALICE roadmaps implementation.
  • liaised with ALICE.
  • results, outcomes and experts working in those projects.

In this section you find companies:

  • willing to share their solutions with ALICE network.
  • owning R&I implementation cases identified in BOOSTLOG project
  • linked to Physical Internet.

In this section you find funding  opportunities:

  • from Horizon Europe and other EU programmes
  • supporting ALICE roadmaps implementation.
  • Companies and experts looking for partners.

In this section:

  • Innovation seekers can share challenges and pain points.
  • R&I project outcomes owners (TRL>7) get exposure of their outcomes.

In this section you find papers, videos and presentations:

In this section you find:

  • videos and documents to explain how the Knowledge Platform works.
  • FAQ section.
  • Q&A on the Knowledge Platform.

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The Knowledge Platform has been supported by SENSE and BOOSTLOG Project that have received funding from the European Union´s FP7 and Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under grant agreements No. 769967 & No. 101006902.