Feb 28, 2024

ALICE Brokerage Event: in-person Workshop, Matchmaking Sessions & Info Day -28-29 February 2024

Monday, February 12th, 2024

The 2024 edition of the ALICE Brokerage Event.  two-day in-person event is a perfect opportunity to discover the upcoming Horizon Europe Calls for 2024, connect with potential partners, review current trends, and further define freight and logistics priorities for the upcoming 2025-2027 calls. Participants were invited to host discussion table(s) around a specific call topic to share their views and get to know other participants’ interests in that topic.

📋 Find here the updated agenda and the main page of the event

ALICE Brokerage activities

Why to attend?

  1. Get an Inside Look: Gain exclusive insights into the Work Programme 2024

  2. Network: Connect with potential partners and like-minded professionals

  3. Trend Analysis: Delve into the latest trends shaping the logistics industry

  4. Expert Workshop: Participate in sessions led by industry leaders and experts.

  5. Shape the Future: Contribute to defining freight and logistics priorities for the 2025-2027 period.

In practice:

Before 28 February 2024 (the sooner the better):

  • Register for the event, create an account on the B2Match platform, and start your networking
  • Complete your profile and organisation details to let others know who you are and what the area of your interests and expertise are
  • Discover profiles of other participants
  • Schedule your bilateral meetings, define your agenda

28 February 2024

  • Enjoy the information session on the overview of the 2024 Horizon Europe Calls
  • Follow your agenda of pre-scheduled meetings to find your best partners or consortia
  • Continue informal networking during the walking dinner

29 February 2024

Actively participate in the workshop on “Priorities and preparations for 2025-2027 calls”. Your insights and opinions matter!

After 28 February 2024

Continue matchmaking to find partners or consortia for the Horizon Europe Calls 2024 online on the B2Match platform.

All ALICE members interested in finding partners or consortiums are encouraged to get engaged in this brokerage event. You may have a look at the topics opened:


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