Dec 02, 2022

Launch of ALICE Data Sharing group

Thursday, November 10th, 2022

Over the past years many initiatives have developed on an EU level around data and data sharing (EU Data Strategy & Data Act). Important legislation around handling and sharing of data has been created and is (almost) implemented. A significant number of initiatives has been started to create the architecture and operational processes in line with the general EU philosophy: data should be easily shared and a level playing field should be created in which all stakeholders can benefit from the added value data sharing can deliver.

The EU aims to create “Data spaces” in which stakeholders in specific processes can easily exchange data. The European Mobility Data Space (for logistics) will benefit from new architectural designs like GAIA-X that are all built on the principles the EU maintains: safe and secure data sharing.

Obviously, these developments will also have a significant impact on logistics and supply chain processes. Some of us are already familiar with the electronic Freight Transport Information regulation: eFTI, DTLF and EMSWe initiatives and related projects (e.g FENIX and FEDERATED that aim to improve the exchange of data in the field of logistics. Additionally, there are several industry led initiatives in different sectors to support digital standardization: Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA), International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA), Terminals TIC4.0, Open Logistics Foundation, GS1, International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) and individual companies including many ALICE members.

In this field, specific technology also plays a role. Over the past 2 years we have explored the possibilities of  blockchain technology in a specific ALICE working group.

Given the high pace of developments and the relation between legislation, new data space initiatives, technology and industry developments, we will create one knowledge group “data sharing” that will cover all aspects of the emerging new world of sharing data.

By inviting guest speakers from the EU, governments and business partners, we intend to cover all aspects of the digital developments that are relevant for supply chain processes.

Amongst other aspects we will cover:

  1. EU legislation and its consequences for supply chain operations in Europe.
  2. New legislation that will be implemented in the coming years like eFTI and EMSWe.
  3. Mobility Data spaces, their design, architecture and applications.
  4. The role of technology in this rapidly developing world.
  5. Value proposition of new companies and orientations from big companies on requirements for data sharing.
  6. Specific initiatives of research or governmental organizations in Europe that try to define and implement new processes in the digital world.


10:00h : Data sharing in logistics: navigating through the complex world

10:30h: Data sharing as a cross-domain collaboration enabler in ALICE and beyond 

  • Tomas Ambra, Program Manager & Technical Lead, ALICE

10:50h : Interactive session with ALICE members

  • Fernando Liesa, Secretary General, ALICE

11:30h : End



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