ALICE-ELUPEG blockchain applications for logistics group

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

This group is launched in the frame of ALICE Systems and Technologies for Interconnected Logistics and in collaboration with ELUPEG.

The Group is led by Jon Kuiper, on Behalf of ALICE, Alain Baeyens, ELUPEG Chairman and CEO of 30 º North and Fernando Liesa, Secretary General, ALICE.

The group:

  • Creates an overview of ALICE/ELUPEG members who are active in the field of blockchain applications for logistics and bring them together to share experiences and learnings.
  • Identifies the use cases and pain points tackled through Blockchain
  • Defines key advantages or specific conditions for which blockchain can be a competitive solution.
    • What are the main hurdles?
    • What are do’s and don’ts?
  • Discusses main challenges and potential next steps for developing blockchain platforms and when to choose them
  • Invites external organizations that could add value to the group
  • Enables a framework for the development of collaborative projects with a focus on innovation implementation into (new) market solutions and scalability
  • Defines R&I needs that require further exploring and where R&I should focus on to overcome the hurdles and facilitate blockchain implementation.


Blockchain has been a very important developing technology that supports logistics digitalization. Early on ALICE recognized the potential and also the hype behind the technology and organized a Collaborative Innovation Day: “Blockchain applications and cases for logistics” as a starting point to get a better overview of the technology and potential use cases and applications for logistics. After a couple of years some application has started in the market but there are also some challenges to bring the value proposition forward to customers and specific challenges in the development of blockchain platforms. Blockchain has indeed triggered certain developments in which blockchain is used in combination with others.

What are we looking for?

  • Companies developing blockchain solutions for logistics.
  • Companies using solutions/willing to explore blockchain solutions for logistics.
  • Research centres addressing specific challenges or with solutions/prototypes.
  • R&I projects using the technology to test/develop solutions and concepts.

How will it work

Periodic discussions will be organized every quarter in an open environment to share with the state of play of the group.

Active members with running projects and initiatives may meet every 4-6 weeks to follow up and discuss on concrete aspects and have dedicated sessions to:

  • Identify and discuss barriers/challenges to further develop market solutions.
  • Exchange among developing solution companies to better define the value proposition and the pain points solved with this type of solutions.
  •  Exchange with potential users.
  • Identify challenges to share with the R&I community.

Based on these periodic discussions, the group, supported by ALICE secretariat will:

  • Create a repository of solutions, projects, people and experts in ALICE knowledge platform.
  • Create specific subgroups or dedicated teams to work on specific aspects.
  • Develop position papers or documents highlighting solutions/use cases and/or R&I challenges that may be addressed by R&I programmes.

How to engage

Interested participants need to provide background information through the following survey and/or contact Fernando Liesa (

We also welcome presentations/documents to enrich our knowledge base:

For Companies developing solutions. By sharing a presentation of the specific solution, market addressed and state of development (i.e. commercial, launching phase) that could be shared openly with the group.

For Companies using solutions/willing to explore solutions. A short interest document highlighting which is the pain point they believe could be solved through blockchain technologies or the experience they have with the technology, application field, next steps, remaining barriers. User companies may decide to make this public or anonymized.

For Research centres by sharing a summary of the experience in the field including the specific aspects you are focussed on, the challenges you are addressing and references to relevant publications as well as solutions/prototypes with TRL 7 and beyond and relevant past and current projects you are engaged with to be shared with the group.

For Collaborative Projects and Initiatives, share a description, timeline, partners and expected outcome of the project and initiative as well as the key challenges addressed by the project and initiative or the expected market solution to be developed.

For more information:

Contact the group Secretariat:

Alain Baeyens. ELUPEG Chairman and CEO of 30º North (ALICE members).


Fernando Liesa. Secretary General, ALICE



The European Technology Platform ALICE; Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe ( is set-up to develop a comprehensive strategy for research, innovation and market deployment of logistics and supply chain innovation in Europe. The platform support, assist and advise the European Commission in the implementation of the EU Program for research: Horizon 2020 and future Horizon Europe Programme2 (in Logistics).

Moreover, ALICE roadmaps serve as inspiration for countries and industry in their own R&I strategy development. ALICE was officially recognized as a European Technology Platform by the European Commission in July 2013.

ALICE is based on the recognition of the need for an overarching view on logistics and supply chain planning and control, in which shippers and logistics service providers closely collaborate to reach efficient logistics and supply chain operations. ALICE vision is that future logistics will be based on an open global system of systems connecting logistics networks seamlessly and founded on physical, digital, and operational interconnectivity enabling substantial increase in efficiency and sustainability. We call this vision the Physical Internet (PI). Blockchain is an emerging technology that may facilitate the creation of trusted collaborative and scalable networks. In the long run, 2050, we envision a world in which freight transport and logistics is close to Zero emissions.


ELUPEG is a not for profit organisation. Our aim is to educate, promote and exchange knowledge across the supply chain in order to become more efficient, digital and sustainable.
Listening is important; the goal is to provide a forum in which leading players (shippers, enablers and logistics providers) from all major sectors can learn about new developments by sharing and discussing current issues, technologies and best practices. Fostering all networks and bringing
together senior players with younger, dynamic members of the supply chain allows great interaction to share information and innovation and to find new business partners for different ventures both horizontally or vertically.

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