Apr 07, 2022

ALICE-ELUPEG Blockchain Group

Monday, May 2nd, 2022

Over the past 2 years ALICE/ELUPEG Blockchain Group has been meeting in a digital way. Now, for the first time the group members had a chance to meet each other finally face-to-face on April 7th, 2022, at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam.

Blockchain Interest Group addresses the members of ALICE but also those of ELUPEG. This meeting was hosted by ELUPEG and gathered very interesting speakers who shared their views on blockchain applications and data sharing in the European Logistics Industry. The meeting had a good attendance of around 25 people which allowed fruitful discussion and knowledge sharing. Below is a short summary of presentations given.

Stocktaking of the European logistics market, its key trends and outlook on its digitalization (by Roland Berger)

The presentation by Roland Berger outlined the latest trends in the global logistics sector. The market consolidation was mentioned as one of the latest important trends in the sector, as well as rising need for decarbonisation of supply networks. Together with the market consolidation in the sector, we can see more and more vertical integration, especially among the large ocean carriers. This means that carriers can extend their supply networks and provide new value-added services to their customers. All this is strongly supported by the high degree of digitalization and new platforms coming to the market.

Unlocking road freight data for innovation (by CO3)

CO3 presented their novel OEM data ‘Consortium’ which is jointly built up with the Europe’s premium truck and trailer manufacturers. The goal of their platform is to provide road transport data connectivity, where most of data could be sourced directly from standardized line-fitted telematics.

CO3 offers to OEMs a compelling value proposition by allowing them to monetize a completely new market and at the same time unlocking new features for logistics industry by supporting decision making with a real time data.

How the use of blockchain in supply chains will go in the future (by Blocklab)

The presentation by Blocklab was pinpointing the need for a decentralised technology for supply chain management in the current chaninging world. The Blockchain technology is seen as a possible solution which can bring a solution in this context.

Blocklab introduced a blockchain application Quay Connect, which is providing an automated customs clearance into the UK. It is a digital solution that serves as common frame of reference for all relevant parties where documents and digital assets regarding the shipment can be made available to relevant parties.

How decentralized technologies like blockchain can drive collaboration in Maritime Logistics (by T-Mining)

T-Mining is a blockchain application development company based in Antwerp, Belgium. In the meeting they introduced the company and their blockchain application called Secure Container Release that enables fast and secure release of containers from maritime carriers to reduce the risk of fraud. This innovative system is using secure tokens instead of PIN codes to release the containers and the data is stored to the blockchain network. As a next step, T-Mining is currently developing their Connector, which will enable companies to work together as peers and stay in control of their data and identity.


All the presentations can be found in the ALICE Knowledge Platform, ALICE-ELUPEG Blockchain group page.

If you are not a member of the Blockchain group, you can start following it here. In order to get an access to the group, we would like to get you know better and therefore ask you to fill out a small survey, after which you will receive a key to use for enrolment.

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