Applied collaboration streams

Turn more research-driven work from ALICE into more scalable solutions & projects driven by shippers to increase rail freight capacity and build new intermodal solutions.

Which is the Output/what do you want to deliver?

  • Issue joint white-papers on all different streams of “horizontal collaboration” ALICE has identified (not only collaborative sourcing).
    To the extent this is welcome initiate a project based on one or more white-paper/s in collaboration with ALICE members (and non-members).
  • Modular box/ smart box: Identify some of the main use cases for a modular box, each with a potential participant who will discuss value potential, barriers that need to be overcome & minimum viable scope. Assess for each use case whether a standard box is of interest or a particular variant is required.
  • Establish practical implementation of existing solutions.

How can ALICE members contribute/participate?

  • ALICE members (and non-members) are invited to involve themselves into the work, whether as joint project participant or joining the discussion.

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