May 10, 2022

Horizontal Collaboration by Collaborative Platforms Workshop

Friday, April 22nd, 2022

Why this workshop

ALICE Thematic Group 4 is about Global Supply Network Coordination and Collaboration.

One of the key challenges in logistics is maximising resources utilisation. An underlying assumption is that matching demand from multiple shippers with available transport capacity and logistics services from different modes and service providers is a key to achieving this, also called supply chain collaboration.

In discussions about this topic, the term “platform” arises. When using the term in discussions about such collaboration, however, different people may associate vary different things with the term.

In this workshop we will attempt to classify “platforms” – by providing more precise definitions and investigating if/how they should interact to support supply chain collaboration and what use-cases correlate with the various classifications.



  • Platforms and supply chain collaboration. Jan Tore Pedersen. R&D manager MIXMOVE

Starting point

  • FTL – Road freight platforms: a proposal for discussion. Serge Schamschula. Senior Partner Manager Transporeon

Discussion and next steps

To access presentation and recordings visit the event page in ALICE intranet (Only for ALICE members)

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