TRA 2024 – ALICE looks forward to welcoming you at our Logistics Innovation Village

Monday, November 13th, 2023

ALICE is one of the co-organizers of the next Transport Research Arena, which will be held from 15-18 April 2024, in Dublin at the RDS Centre! In the exhibition area, 12-14 projects will populate the ALICE Innovation Village! Our stand will be located close to the European Commission’s stand, ERTRAC’s, CCAM’s & other Partners –  Take a look at the venue Floor Plan



What awaits you in the ALICE stand 

Zero-Emissions, Physical Internet, Ports, Urban, Intermodal Transport, Inland Waterway Transport, Digital Logistics, Transport resilience will have a central stage! As what distinguishes our stand, is the idea to put projects first – and they will be the main characters that will light up the area for 3 days. The ALICE stand will consist of three areas:

  • Logistics R&I projects’ exhibition area: For this edition, we want to strengthen cooperation on thematic areas by allowing projects under the same themes to cluster.
  • Logistics Innovation café: Where cross-sectorial networking, new ideas, and potential new synergies come to life while enjoying a coffee.
  • Logistics Innovation Theatre: The theatre is a dedicated space enabling project dissemination, room for short seminars or roundtables, surrounded by the unique TRA’s atmosphere.

ALICE Renders

Discover more about the projects on board:

    • ZEFES – Taking Zero-Emission Long-Haul Freight Transport in Europe to the next level read more
    • MODI – A leap towards SAE L4 automated driving features read more
    • NextETRUCK – Efficient and affordable Zero Emission logistics through the Next generation of Electric TRUCKs read more
    • EMPOWER – Eco-operated, Modular, highly efficient, and flexible multi-POWERtrain for long-haul heavy-duty vehicles read more
    • MORELIFE – Material, Operating strategy and REliability optimisation for LIFEtime improvements in Heavy-Duty trucks read more
    • DECARBOMILE – Revolutionising Last Mile Logistics in Europe read more
    • DISCO – Data-driven, Integrated, Syncromodal, Collaborative and Optimised urban freight meta-model for a new generation of urban logistics and planning with data sharing at European Living Labs read more
    • URBANE – Upscaling Innovative Green Urban Logistics Solutions Through Multi-Actor Collaboration and PI-Inspired Last Mile Deliveries read more
    • UNCHAIN – Unlocking the Future of Sustainable Urban Logistics read more
    • GREEN-LOG – Cooperative and Interconnected Green delivery solutions towards an era of optimized zero emission last-mile Logistics read more
    • MultiRELOAD – Digital & Automated Multimodal Nodes and Corridors read more
    • CRISTAL – Climate resilient and environmentally sustainable transport infrastructure, with a focus on inland waterways read more
    • FOR FREIGHT – Flexible, multi-mOdal & Robust FREIGHt Transport read more
    • PIONEERS – PORTable Innovation Open Network for Efficiency and Emissions Reduction Solutions read more
    • PLOTO – Improving the Resilience of Inland Waterways against Climate Change read more
    • SARIL – Sustainability And Resilience for Infrastructure and Logistics networks read more
    • REMUNET – Resilient Multimodal freight Transport Network read more
    • SEAMLESS – Safe, Efficient and Autonomous: Multimodal Library of European shortsea and inland Solutions read more
    • RENEW – Resilience-centric Smart, Green, Networked EU Inland Waterways read more
    • AI4CCAM – Trustworthy AI for Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility read more
    • KEYSTONE – Simplifying cross-border logistics compliance read more
    • ReSChape – REshaping Supply CHAins for Positive social impact read more
    • URBANIZED -Modular and Flexible Solutions for Urban-Sized Zero-E missions Last-Mile Delivery and Services Vehicles read more
    • DELPHI – FeDerated nEtwork of pLatforms for Passenger and freigHt Intermodality read more
    • MAGPIE – sMArt Green Portsas Integrated Efficient multimodal hubs read more
    • ESCALATE – Powering European Union Net Zero Future by Escalating Zero Emission HDVs and Logistic Intelligence  read more

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