MAGPIE project at ALICE Innovation Village


Demonstrate technical, operational, and procedural energy supply and digital solutions in a living lab environment to stimulate green, smart and integrated multimodal transport and ensure roll-out through the European Green Port of the Future Master Plan and dissemination and exploitation activities.

Specific Objectives

  1. Map the supply chain from source to “plug” of high potential green energy carriers for the green transport sector of the future and demonstrate technologies that complete the missing links.
  2. Demonstrate the technological and logistical innovations for the use of green energy carriers for maritime, inland waterway, road, and rail transport in a living lab environment.
  3. Demonstrate the potential of digitalisation as enabler in the energy transition and automation in the energy transition, operational and strategic optimization of transport chains.
  4. Develop and demonstrate market mechanisms and incentive schemes ports can apply to motivate modalities to, from and in port to transition to green envergy carriers.
  5. Formulate the role of ports in accelerating green, smart, and integrated multimodal transport sector towards decarbonized transport in 2050.
  6. Achieve wide acceptance of the MAGPIE project results.


  • 45 Partners
  • 4 Port Authorities Rotterdam (lighthouse and leader), HAROPA, DeltaPort, and Sines
  • research institutes and universities
  • 32 private companies in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Portugal, Denmark, and SwedenMA

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Magpie project – MAGPIE

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 (MFF 2014-2020) research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement 101036594.

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