Sustainable Logistics Supply Chains

ALICE released end of 2019 the “Roadmap Towards Zero Emissions Logistics in 2050” as part of the renewed ALICE strategy and under the leadership of Sustainable Logistics Supply Chains Thematic Group.

Unfortunatelly, the development of fully competitive greener and cleaner vehicles, trains, barges, ships and airplanes as well as other technologies for a more efficient transport is forecasted to be too slow to deliver on our climate change targets. Therefore, the technology and energy transition development needs to be supported with new and innovative freight transport and logistics concepts for short term efficiency gains and more adapted to the characteristics of the new assets  so that could make transition to green assets and infrastructures affordable.

The figure below includes different solutions areas for supply chain decarbonization. ALICE is working on realizing these efficiency gains throug the sister thematic groups on, Corridors, Hubs and Synchromodality, Global Supply Network Coordination and Collaboration and Urban logistics.

The current focus for this Thematic Group is currently on fleets and assets use the lowest emmissions energy source feasible.

Solutions for freight transport and logistics decarbonisation

Additionally, the Thematic Group delivered in 2014 a Research and Innovation roadmap on “Sustainable, Safe and Secure Supply Chains“.  We envisioned an evolution towards fully integrated supply networks, in which logistics service providers, shippers and authorities closely cooperate.

Key milestones

  • 2020 – Full alignment of economics, environmental and social goals
  • 2030 – Integrated decision making in end-to-end supply chain

Physical Internet pilot implementations well functioning and extended in industry practice

  • 2040 – Safe and secure supply chains for circular economy
  • 2050 – Zero Emissions Logistics


Chair: Pieter Leonard, Colruyt Group


  • Alain Baeyens, 30 º North
  • Prof. Dr. Lori Tavasszy, Technical University DELFT

Towards Zero Logistics Emissions Roadmap

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