GHG emissions measurement and reporting

Develop the Global Logistics Emission Council, GLEC framework to include emission factors for the calculation and reporting of GHG from new fuels and energy carriers for Road Transport.
Increase awareness on the subject and advocate for research and harmonization of emission factors for accounting emissions from transport and logistics operations.
Activity 1. Review and establish emission factors for the calculation and reporting of GHG logistics emissions from new fuels and energy carriers for Road Transport (incl. consultation with organizations)
Activity 2. Identify areas of future work (e.g. to other modes of transport and their associated fuels, handling of grid factors (electricity, gas), discussions on availability (IDACS), observatory needs, legal bonus/malus schemes, etc.

Which is the Output/what do you want to deliver?

  • Module to an updated version of the GLEC Framework and a standalone guidance document for emissions calculation and reporting.

How can ALICE members contribute/participate?

  • Participate by sharing knowledge and experience in using the new solutions.
  • Review of deliverables and provide inputs to consultations (if any).


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