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Friday, March 8th, 2024

This special edition of the ALICE Newsletter of 08th March 2024, is dedicated to honouring the contribution of women in the logistics sector. As part of our celebration of European Women’s Day, ALICE would like to launch the “Women in Logistics” Community. This initiative, under the leadership of ALICE member, Cristina Martín, CEO of Usyncro, aims at spotlighting female talent in this dynamic industry. The goal is to create a supportive community that encourages networking, mentoring, and sharing knowledge and experience, and to cultivate a more inclusive and diverse leadership structure within ALICE.

We recognise the invaluable contributions women bring to our association, and we are committed to creating an environment where their voices are not only heard but actively sought after. We aim to empower women to take on leadership roles and drive positive change within our community.

Join “Women in Logistics ” community

As part of this initiative, ALICE would like to share some inspiring quotes from women in the industry. These women offer valuable insights into their journeys, triumphs, and perspectives, highlighting the diversity of experience and expertise within the logistics sector. Through their words, we hope to empower others, promote inclusivity, and encourage further participation of women in shaping the future of logistics.

We invite you to delve into the quotes and discover the unique stories and valuable wisdom shared by these remarkable women.

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“Diversity is a key factor in the design of the management structure of organizations. In order to incorporate women into a strategic sector such as Logistics, we must promote a culture that helps to break down glass ceilings and the barriers that we sometimes impose on ourselves”. 

Cristina Martín Lorenzo
Usyncro’s CEO

“A defining moment in my logistics career was the mentorship of an experienced IoT/electronic engineer who guided me through the complexities of hardware and firmware and taught me to communicate effectively within the tech sphere. This mentorship set me on my path and ingrained in me the importance of inclusivity and diverse perspectives – values deeply rooted in AELER’s culture.” 

Marianna Levtov
Head of Network & Advocacy
Aeler Technologies SA

“I had two defining moments in my career. Initially, I was drawn to logistics for its diverse opportunities and collaborative, mixed-gender teams, viewing these as a path to success. Later, in Bordeaux, despite the allure of the wine industry, I chose to stay true to logistics, valuing its collaborative ethos and meaningful work. Continuous improvement, digital transformation and integration of new technologies in logistics processes maintain my interest and desire to see the future and to be a part of this change.

Larissa Belgouzia
Supply Chain research centre and projects coordinator
KEDGE Business School
“Although you may sometimes feel inferior in a male-dominated, science-based logistics sector, remember that your unique background adds value. Embrace your diversity and understand that while technical skills are vital, softer skills such as communication and problem solving are equally important. Stay informed, network, upskill and believe in your ability to succeed in this dynamic industry.”

Alice Scotti
Sales & Marketing, EU-funded Project Manager
Adriafer Rail Services

“I have learnt it’s essential to understand the ecosystem in which you’re evolving and the impact of what you’re doing on the various people you’re dealing with (colleagues, suppliers, and customers).
I’ve always done my utmost to produce quality work out of a sense of professionalism and respect for others, but also to share my experience.
Managing a team with kindness is also very important to me because the well-being of our teams is priceless and makes them even more effective and creative

Elisabeth Leclercq
International project manager

“My career has taught me that individual efforts aren’t enough for significant societal impact. Success hinges on passion, consistency, and collaboration. Setting real goals, joining forces with like-minded individuals, and maintaining steadfast execution can lead to greater achievements for all involved. This approach enhances enjoyment, inspires others, and demonstrates that collective efforts can amplify results and foster shared dreams and achievements.”

Claire Josquin
Corporate Solutions & Partnerships

“Drawing upon my academic and industrial experiences, I have reached an understanding and appreciation of the operational and technical diversity inherent in the field. It is a dynamic blend of different layers, that should be seamlessly integrated to achieve excellence. Navigating through it is a thrilling journey, filled with opportunities and challenges that keeps me inspired and committed to the field’s growth and success.”
Dr. ir. Mahnam Saeednia
Assistant Professor of Freight Transportation and Logistics
Co-director of Freight Transportation and Logistics Lab
TU  Delft, Department of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

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