Sustainable Logistics Supply Chains

This Thematic Group is currently focussed on the delivery of the “Roadmap Towards Zero Emissions Logistics in 2050” as part of the renewed ALICE strategy. As a starting point, ALICE & LEARN project organized a workshop on the 8th-9th of March 2018 to start framing a roadmap that will guide the platform and its stakeholders towards zero emissions logistics. A draft roadmap structure has been agreed with basic contents and will be finalized over 2019.

As background, the Thematic Group delivered in 2014 a Research and Innovation roadmap on “Sustainable, Safe and Secure Supply Chains“. In this paper we sketched the context in which companies operate their supply chains in the 21st century. We identified that resource scarcity, demographic trends, safety concerns and security threats at global, regional and local level span the space of feasible supply chain design, planning, control and execution solutions. We envisioned an evolution towards fully integrated supply networks, in which logistics service providers, shippers and authorities closely cooperate. In particular shippers, as the owners of the goods in transit, play a key role; their decisions on product configuration after all determine what to transport.

Key milestones

  • 2020 – Full alignment of economics, environmental and social goals
  • 2030 – Integrated decision making in end-to-end supply chain

Physical Internet pilot implementations well functioning and extended in industry practice

  • 2040 – Safe and secure supply chains for circular economy
  • 2050 – Zero Emissions Logistics


Chair: Sophie Punte, Smart Freight Center


  • Alain Baeyens, 30 º North
  • Pieter Leonard, COLRUYT Group
  • Prof. Dr. Lori Tavasszy, Technical University DELFT

Roadmap video

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