Mar 24, 2022

Make logistics greener: from concepts to innovations

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

Discover four groundbreaking innovations to help our customers to measure and report their transport emissions, work with greener partners, and steer and reduce their emissions in the future.

This co-branded event in partnership with TRANSPOREON marks the first anniversary of Transporeon4Future hackathon, our technology incubator with Transporeon employees and students from Kuehne Logistics University supporting the ALICE roadmap towards zero emissions logistics

In this session, Transporeon teams will showcase how each solution progressed from idea to proven concept in the last 12 months, followed by an expert round table discussion on these innovations in the context of the Green Deal, Horizon Europe and Fit-for-55.


Introduction: an overview of the ALICE roadmap and the role of Transporeon.

  • Fernando Liesa, Secretary General, ALICE

Transporeon4Future Spotlight: Carbon Visibility (Download presentation)

  • Daniel Binder, Program Manager Sustainability, Transporeon
  • Lukas Kramer, Sales Specialist RTV & Sustainability, Transporeon

Transporeon4Future Spotlight: Carbon Intelligence Initiative (Download presentation)

  • Lena v. Fritschen, Director Market Intelligence, Transporeon
  • Christian Krull, Head of Sales Market Intel, Procurement Excellence & Consulting, Transporeon

Transporeon4Future Spotlight: Green Assignment (Download presentation)

  • Anastasia Kravets, IT Project Manager, Transporeon
  • Ricardo Ott, Senior Product Manager, Transporeon

Transporeon4Future Spotlight: Green Procurement (Download presentation)

  • Kevin Mitchell, Business Consultant, Transporeon

Roundtable: how digitalization fosters short-term decarbonization. Moderated by Dirk ‘t Hooft, Member Executive Group and Member of the Secretariat, ALICE.

  • Sergio Barbarino, VC of ALICE and P&G Research Fellow
  • Alan McKinnon, Professor of Logistics and Dean, Kuehne Logistics University
  • Andrea Condotta, Public Affairs & Innovation Manager, GRUBER Logistics
  • Louise De Tremerie. Transport Policy Advisor, European Parliament

Recorded session


Alan McKinnon

Dean of Program and Professor of Logistics, Kuehne Logistics University


Andrea Condotta

Public Affairs & Innovation Manager, GRUBER Logistics


Dirk ‘t Hooft

Member Executive Group and Member of the Secretariat, ALICE


Fernando Liesa

Secretary General, ALICE


Louise De Tremerie

Transport Policy Advisor, European Parliament


Bram Keteleer

P&G Global Transportation, Sustainability Director




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