Mar 10, 2022

Efficient and Low Emissions Assets and Energy Meeting. Get engaged!

Tuesday, February 15th, 2022

Get Engaged with ALICE to accelerate logistics decarbonization!

The Efficient and Low Emissions Assets and Energy theme leadership team invites you to this meeting in which we will share briefly the programmes and activities foreseen for 2022 and we aim to get your feedback and potential contribution to them.

The ALICE Efficient and Low Emissions Assets and Energy vice-chairs* will share the programmes and activities they are leading within this group.


  • Introduction & objectives of the meeting. Alain Baeyens*. 30º North and meeting chair. (Download presentation)

Alain will provide an overview of ALICE (for non-ALICE guests) and will introduce the Low Emissions Assets and Energy theme Programme and Activities.

We will share the feedback received so far as well as the advocacy and outreach activities planned (more information). We will provide an overview of the most relevant EU initiatives within the Fit for 55 package and beyond.

We will launch our initiative to gather the offer of vehicles through a survey and request for support. After the Webinar on freight transport decarbonization our next session will be focussed on HVO & Bio-fuels. We will briefly introduce and invite you to join this session. Additionally, ALICE is gathering interest from members and stakeholders to explore purchase aggregation opportunities facilitated by the ENTRANCE project.

  • Carbon footprint measurement and reporting programme. Rik Arends*. Smart Freight Center (Download presentation)

Rik will share the main activities within this programme and the collaboration with Smart Freight Center. Several sessions are planned.  Additionally, the European Commission has launched the initiative count your transport emissions that will be briefly introduced.

ALICE is one of the Platforms supporting the Horizon Europe Partnership: Towards zero emission road transport (2Zero). Andrea, 2ZERO vice-chair for logistics will provide an overview of the programme, what´s in it for carriers, logistics service providers and shippers. Lucie Beaumel. 2ZERO director, will share the running calls and future opportunities. Additionally, Rik Arends will address how LCA of vehicles is/should be considered in the emission reporting and how 2ZERO is addressing this topic.

ALICE and Hydrogen Europe joined forces to boost freight and logistics sector decarbonisation through hydrogen technologies (More information). What is next in the collaboration?

Discussion and feedback from participants will be facilitated through SLIDO.

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