Jan 19, 2021

Webinar on freight transport decarbonization

Monday, December 20th, 2021

Why this webinar

Efficient and low emissions assets and energy is key in delivering a decarbonized freight transport and logistics sector. OEMs, suppliers, road freight operators and freight transport services buyers play a central role in the uptake of zero emissions vehicles.

As part of ALICE 2022 work plan, we are launching a programme on low emissions assets availability through which we will share the learnings and experiences of ALICE members and determine the viable options for zero emission heavy duty vehicles (HDVs).

In this webinar, ALICE members will present their experience on the road freight segment for trucks with a focus on vehicles below 16 tn in view of the implementation of the ALICE Roadmap for Zero Emissions Logistics 2050 and the POLIS and ALICE  joint guide for advancing towards zero-emission urban logistics by 2030


Session chaired by John Smith, ALICE Efficient and Low Emissions Assets and Energy vice-chair and Head of Sustainable Infrastructure and Facilities Management at An Post

Welcome and introduction 

The Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy calls for an irreversible shift to zero-emission mobility. Given transport’s high proportion of total EU GHG emissions, to reach the EU’s climate goals the European Commission is proposing and planning interconnected legislative instruments and policies. The presentation will outline the elements in various policies, which can support road freight transport decarbonisation. It will touch upon the Urban Mobility Framework, the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive and the TEN-T Regulation incentivising the rollout of recharging and refuelling infrastructure for the uptake of zero- and low-emission vehicles, and the revision of the CO2 emission performance standards for heavy-duty vehicles.

ALICE members experiences and collaboration opportunities:

  • Towards freight decarbonisation: Codognotto strategy & new collaboration with Tevva Motors Limited. Alessia Padalino. Innovation & Digital Transformation Specialist at Codognotto (Download presentation)

The presentation will briefly introduce the main decarbonization opportunities Codognotto is actively engaged with in the implementation of ALICE roadmap towards zero emission logistics. The presentation will address 3 main pillars: integrated intermodal transport management, digitalization and logistics 4.0 for better management of resources and energy transition of the road transportation fleet. Codognotto will share the new collaboration with TEVVA in order to accelerate this transition

As logistics operators and fleets across Europe get ready to meet the joint demands of policymakers and customers, the medium to heavy duty vehicle market presents a critical opportunity for impact on freight-related emissions reduction. The key is to combine technologies to create an overall better product than diesel with a lower environmental footprint, a lower cost of ownership and lower maintenance costs. Tevva’s Phil Henrick will explain Tevva’s approach of blended Hydrogen and Electric technologies and how it is collaborating to ensure fleets can meet the full spectrum of economic and sustainability goals.

  • An Post’s Fleet Electrification Journey – 0% to 25% and beyond! John Smith. Head of Sustainable Infrastructure and Facilities Management at An Post (Download presentation)

The presentation will introduce An Post, giving context about the activities of the company. It will then introduce An Post’s electric fleet and the organisation’s ambitious emission reduction targets. It will give an overview of the journey from a 0% to a 25% electric fleet, in addition to presenting the challenges and opportunities associated with an extensive electric fleet. Finally, it will detail An Post’s next steps towards further decarbonising its fleet.

The presentation will introduce the productbloks solution to deliver temperature-sensitive goods such as foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals to customers reliably and without emitting any CO2. Being the first market ready propane transport refrigeration unit for a fully-integrated refrigerated battery electric light commercial vehicles (eLCV) the solution maximises the payload, robustness and the eLCV driving range guaranteeing reliable transport of temperature sensible goods. It replaces the environmentally unfriendly high-GWP refrigerants currently on the market providing real zero-emission operation. The one-of-its-kind solution has the highest volumetric efficiency with the lowest mass. Intelligent predictive control ensures efficient and fast door-opening temperature recovery.

Wrap up and next steps

Recorded session

Know more about our guest speakers

Paola Chiarini joined the Innovation and Research Unit at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport in 2015. As a policy officer, she is currently in charge of several files spanning from research and innovation in logistics to issues related to the preparation of the next framework programme for research. She has experience in managing EU-funded research projects, having worked for five years on space research in the Commission’s Research Executive Agency.

Before joining the European Commission, Paola worked in the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe as the coordinator of a project supporting the involvement of small and medium sized companies in aeronautics research projects.

Paola holds a master degree in international studies and a post-graduate degree in management.


Alessia Padalino works as Innovation & Digital Transformation Specialist at Codognotto Group.

Graduated in Political Science and with both an academic and international working background, Alessia worked for almost two years as an Account Manager in the field of Strategic Communication and Public Affairs, running communication campaigns for the European Commission in Berlin. Her career in the world of transport & logistics began in 2021, when she joined the Codognotto Team, becoming the main contact person for European & Innovation Projects at Group level. Attending in parallel an executive Master in EU Projects Design and Management, under the supervision of Matteo Codognotto, today Alessia is responsible for the implementation of innovative projects in the digital and environmental fields, collaborating with private companies, research bodies, and public institutions.


Phil joined Tevva in 2020 bringing more than 20 years experience in the automotive industry, implementing innovative sales and market growth strategies. He has a wealth of global strategic sales and aftersales experience with OEMs (Nissan Motor GB and Nissan Europe, Geely), leasing companies (LeasePlan and GE Capital) and rental companies (Green Motion, Move Mee) with a particular focus on market entry and development. Phil speaks several European languages having lived and worked in Spain and France.


John is responsible for all sustainable infrastructure in An Post. John leads the sustainability team, manages the built environment of the An Post property portfolio (over two million square feet) and is responsible for the roll out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. John is also the Chair of Post Europe’s Green Mobility Forum, which consists of over 50 postal and logistics organisations and ALICE efficient and low emissions assets and energy vice-chair.

Central to John’s role is working on innovative projects related to property and fleet. Currently, he is the An Post lead for project SENATOR, an international collaboration between An Post, Correos (Spanish Postal Service), the city of Zaragoza and Dublin City Council. Project SENATOR, a Horizon 2020 project, aims to develop an online platform which will manage and optimise freight collections and deliveries in Dublin city.

John’s focus is on the transformation of the An Post heavy goods fleet. An Post is ready to be a first adopter of zero emission HGV technologies and John has begun exploring hydrogen as a potential fuel alternative for long-haul vehicles. In the interim John has facilitated the trial of HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) which commenced in mid-September. An Post will be the first major fleet to test HVO fuel in Ireland.


Filip pursued his PhD Degree while working at a research center on thermal management systems for the automotive industry. He proceeded his career working for a tier 1 HVAC&R supplier in the railway and transport refrigeration industry moving from managing the virtual development, managing product developments, product owner up to head of product management and design. He founded productbloks in 2017 with the vision to provide the most reliable conditioned transport of sensible and vital supplies, everywhere in the world at zero emission operation crafting a resilient planet. Filip holds also a dual executive MBA degree. Several patents round up his profile

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