5G for Logistics Applications

The objective of the focus group will be the identification of projects utilizing the 5G technology that relate to transport and logistics, the collection of information for 5G logistics applications, liaison with as many of them as possible, presentation of their results and maturity levels to the members of the thematic group and evaluation of how they align with ALICE PI roadmap.

Which is the Output/what do you want to deliver?

  • Raise awareness related to 5G Transport and Logistics applications
  • Exchange of experience on 5G related projects among ALICE members
  • Identify R&I gaps for 5G logistics related applications
  • Cooperation with 5G-PPP

How can ALICE members contribute/participate?

  • Sharing of experiences with 5G related logistics applications
  • Express their interest in specific applications
  • Prioritize 5G interest areas

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The focus group identifies, exchange knowledge and experiences of 5G technology applications for transport and logistics. The collection of information for 5G logistics applications, liaison with as many of projects and initiatives as possible, and the presentation of their results Read more