May 30, 2023

5G cross-border applications and validation of vertical services

Tuesday, May 9th, 2023

Why this webinar

5G can be marketed as the next generation of mobile technology. Fundamental changes in the way 5G networks are built and work make it an extremely powerful digital transformation tool. On the one hand, better speed, zero latency, improved security and reduced environmental impact are promising within the national context, however logistics is and will be an international business. 5G services are delivered by several telecom service providers licensed at a national level for the use of specific radio frequencies, and do not necessarily provide seamless connectivity.

Join this webinar and explore the challenges in cross-border 5G applications applied in Transport & Logistic by ICCS. This session will reveal technical and business challenges and explore how the latest research projects address the witnessed challenges that pave the way for real-life applications, also giving the opportunity to the external stakeholders (3rd party experimenters) to test and validate their vertical services in real-life 5G environments. In that regard, the second part will focus on the Vital 5G project that will showcase some of the efforts on creating open, virtualized, and flexible experimentation facilities, with three distributed European 5G-testbeds that enable testing and validation of T&L vertical services in real-life conditions while using 5G in port and warehouse environments.


Welcome and introduction 

  • Giannis Kanellopoulos, Logistics & Maritime Unit Leader at ISense Group (ICCS), ALICE vice-chair, 5G logistics applications
  • Tomas Ambra, Programs Manager (ALICE)

Challenges of 5G Cross-border applications

  • Konstantinos Katsaros, Team leader INS (ICCS)

Vertical Innovations in Transport & Logistics enabled by 5G technologies: A 3rd party experimenters paradigm – the VITAL-5G project

  • Andreas Gavrielides, R&D Project Manager, eBOS Technologies Ltd.
  • Nina Slamnik-Kriještorac, Senior researcher, University of Antwerp-IMEC, IDLab-Faculty of Applied Engineering
  • Valentin Carlan, Manager at Digitrans and Post-doc researcher at the University of Antwerp


Additional information:

Besides attending the above event, you can also contribute to the 5G-LOGINNOV project (liaised with ALICE) by participating in a survey aimed at assessing the transferability potential of the main technological results of 5G-LOGINNOV Living Labs. The survey is addressed to several actors working in transport and logistics and to connectivity service / IT service providers. Examples of companies that are asked to participate are the following:  Telco operator, Logistics company, Innovators/start-ups, Car / Truck producer, Public Authority / City / Region , Port Authority Terminal Operators, Rail Operators, Transport Operators, Regional Authorities, Local Industries & Associations, Customs Authorities, etc

The survey is available at this link: 5G-LOGINNOV Survey

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