TRA 2022 – ALICE Collaborative Booth exhibition seeking partners

Friday, May 27th, 2022

ALICE’s stand in the TRA conference exhibition hall will be named as Logistics Innovation Village, consisting of logistics R&I projects’ exhibition area, logistics café and logistics innovation theatre.

The Logistics Innovation Village will gather all logistics innovation practitioners in the conference to update each other with the latest developments, share their views, and facilitate partnerships.

What does ALICE offer to projects co-exhibiting?

  • Promotion of the project through its collaborative network including a post on our website and visibility on ALICE LinkedIn page and newsletter.
  • The project logo will be promoted and displayed within the booth
  • A presentation video of the project will be projected on the monitor in the Logistics Innovation Theater
  • Opportunity to receive guests in the project area for the whole duration of the TRA

Additional Options

  • The projects will have the possibility to give a presentation of up to 30 min (or the time agreed) in the Logistics Innovation Theatre for invited people (max 20) within the TRA2022.

ALICE Booth Layout

What you will find at the ALICE stand in detail?

In our stand we will bring forward innovation on Automated Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Zero Emissions, Transport, Physical Internet, Urban logistics Hubs, Ports & Airports, Intermodal, and Digital Logistics.

All stakeholders and projects involved will be the main characters that will light up and populate the 3-days fair, within the ALICE stand consisting of three main parts

Logistics R&I projects’ exhibition area

Is the perfect gathering spot for all project teams to directly interact, share and boost the impact of freight transport & logistics EU funded projects -with all the people who will crowd the different pavilions- through the use of personal touch-screens and their own space.

Logistics Innovation café

The main reason we opted in to have a small cafeteria in our booth was driven by the idea to Connect people! Where cross-sectorial networking, projects alliances, birth of ideas, new business and connections may come to life.

Logistics Innovation theatre

The Logistics theatre steams from the idea of dissemination of information and showing tangible results of their own project. Here the projects will be the main actors, and project consortiums will be the directors of the relevant content to get momentum, in this fascinating atmosphere.

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