Dec 15, 2023

POLIS – ALICE Urban Logistics Webinar Series 2023 #3: Logistics for Urban Construction Sites

Tuesday, November 21st, 2023

Construction activities are ever present in cities and create major complications for traffic flows. Urban population tends to grow, increasing the need to develop and reconstruct urban centres.

Logistics for urban construction projects, e.g. transporting material and waste, has significant negative impact in urban area, e.g. congestion, pollution, accidents, noise, etc.

Literature available shows that there is a lack of research on construction logistics and supply chain, while the awareness of ways to optimise them is low among professionals from the construction sector. The POLIS – ALICE Joint Guide highlighted that cities require a segmentation of problems and stakeholders as different flows (e.g. waste, construction, parcel delivery, e-commerce, groceries and retail) and to involve different stakeholders and have different implications to manage urban freight.

This webinar focuses on construction logistics with the aim to shed light to current practices to tackle such negative impacts to raise awareness, facilitate knowledge sharing and foster future collaboration.

Final agenda:

Moderator: Magnus Blinge, SCANIA/Vice Chair of ALICE Urban Logistics Group

Invited presentations:

    • Scott Wilding, Transport for London, London’s experience: logistics for urban construction sites ( Download Presentation )
    • Guillaume Bertrand, Mobility by COLAS, presentation of use cases of regulation of truck flows generated by major construction sites: in Lyon Part-Dieu and in Athletes’ Village for 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games ( Download Presentation )
    • Satu Reijonen, Forum Virium Helsinki, Piloting autonomous deliveries for construction sites ( Download Presentation)

Closing remark by Raffaele Vergnani, POLIS. We will continue discussions on this topic through the ETRAC roadmap ( Download Presentation ). 



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