Nov 30, 2022

Physical Internet: synergizing efforts via the ALICE liaison program

Thursday, November 10th, 2022

The growing interest in the Physical Internet (PI) has led to many local, national and international projects/initiatives.  Nevertheless, considering the complexity at many levels throughout the supply chain, interoperable systems and business solutions are necessary to make this innovative concept more tangible. The session will focus on PI network layers, service layers and intranets (local living labs). Four different projects and initiatives will present their work that touch upon different design settings and dimensions of freight flows in order to assess connectivity and interoperability opportunities. In other words, one’s last gateway (where flows end) is the first gateway (where flows start) of another company. The session’s objectives are to:

  • Introduce physical internet architectures and their applicability via use cases
  • Discuss how synergies can be leveraged across projects
  • What data/information would need to be shared, and how could messaging, semantic technology (i.e., Web3.0) and other approaches help
  • How could projects facilitate algorithm “borrowing” for routing and hub processes
  • Explore what communication standards could be utilized in current and future endeavors

The session is part of the ALICE liaison framework which facilitates knowledge sharing, advances market uptake of innovation, and boosts impact of R&I projects.


15:00h : Welcome and introduction (Download presentation)

  • Tomas Ambra, Program Manager & Technical Lead, ALICE

15:15h PI concepts, features and protocols (PLANET project) (Download presentation)

  • Kostas Zavitsas, Head of Analytics, VLTN

15:35h : Data sharing in Physical Internet (PILL project) (Download presentation)

  • Philip Michiels, Lead System Architect, imec

15:55h : Disruptive technologies and supply chain design under the Physical Internet paradigm. (Epicenter project) (Download presentation)

  • William J. Guerrero, Associate Professor, Head of IT and Process Optimization Department, Universidad de La Sabana
  • Rafael D. Tordecilla, Postdoctoral researcher, Universidad de La Sabana

16:15h : Digital Transport and Logistics Forum: a call for action (DTLF initiative) (Download presentation)

  • Wout Hofman, Senior Research Scientist, TNO

16:35h : Q&A and general discussion

17:00h : End


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