Oct 13, 2016

Info-day & Brokerage Event: Logistics Topics in H2020 calls 2017

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

160+ participants attended the Info-day and Brokerage event: Logistics topics in H2020 2017 calls organized by the European Commission and ALICE. The event addressed relevant topics for logistics included in different 2017 calls (beyond transport) to allow logistics stakeholders to get a complete overview of open opportunities in one day.

First hand briefings on the topics and discussions with European Commission officers were driving the info-day. ALICE introduced the activity of the platform and highlighted how proposals in reply to the calls could contribute to the implementation of ALICE roadmaps.


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Astrid SCHLEWING. European Commission.DG MOVE D1, Maritime Transport & Logistics

Logistics topics in H2020 in 2017. Policy background: Sustainable logistics from an EU transport policy perspective

Topics Presentations by European Commission

  María Cristina Marolda. Research & Innovative Transport Systems. DG MOVE. PRESENTATION

  • MG-4.1-2017. Increasing the take up and scale-up of innovative solutions to achieve sustainable mobility in urban areas.
  • MG-4.3-2017. Innovative approaches for integrating urban nodes in the TEN-T core network corridors
  • MG-5.2-2017. Innovative ICT solutions for future logistics operations
  • MG-5.4-2017. Potential of the Physical Internet
  • MG-7.2-2017. Optimisation of transport infrastructure including terminals
  • MG-7.3-2017. The Port of the future

  Tomas Turecki. Eco-Innovation. DG Research & Innovation

  Artemios Kourtesis, Policy Officer, Transport Strategy Unit, DG Research & Innovation.

  Wil van Heeswijk, DG Taxation and Customs Union. Unit B2: Risk Management and Security


2017 Logistics calls and ALICE Implementation PlanFernando Liesa. ALICE Secretary General.

Presentations of project ideas:


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