May 18, 2022

ALICE Webinar on AI applications, May 18, 2022

Tuesday, April 12th, 2022

In May 2021 we launched successfully (60+ members attending) the ALICE Artificial Intelligence for Logistics Applications group as part of the ALICE Systems and Technologies for Interconnected Logistics Thematic Group. We have hosted sessions focussed on:

As next step, we are organizing this webinar for ALICE members only in which our distinguished speakers will briefly share the application area they are working in, the problem they are addressing, why and how AI is the right technology for intralogistics and how solutions are technically realized. Our speakers will share their experience, learnings and next steps. We will be able to discuss and ask questions to them. One of the purposes of the webinar is to invite ALICE members to join their demos and set up future pilot projects.


Welcome and presentation of the white paper


Innovative AI-based technologies enable better and faster decisions in logistics

Rulex Innovation Labs is an Italian SME working on innovative AI tools for logistics. Rulex has developed cutting-edge solutions that allow supply chain stakeholders to cover all the decision-making pipeline, from demand forecasting to transport optimization, in a holistic and quick way. Moreover, Rulex is working on Explainable AI approaches looking at Trustworthy AI and Reliable AI, that increase security and safety of autonomous systems to be used in logistics operations. In this webinar, a brief overview on the technologies and the projects developed by Rulex will be presented.

  • Marco Muselli. Founder and CEO of RULEX


Inventory management

Cases where we combine forecasting and optimization to suggest when and how much to buy to have the desired balance between the probability of stockout and the relevant costs.

  • Álvaro García Sánchez. Profesor at ETSI Industriales at UPM and founder of baobab
  • Pablo Castiella. Managing Partner of baobab
  • David López. Expert in Operations Research at baobab


Standardization and AI for negotiation in logistics

Negotiation is a key activity in logistics. Several issues such as delivery date, volume and fee are determined via analogue communication such as telephone, fax, and email. To digitalize it, eNegotiation is proposed in UN/CEFACT. And, AI and optimization make it possible to automate the message exchange. We introduce some innovative use cases in Japan in this webinar.

  • Shinji Nakadai. Principal researcher for NEC




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