Mar 31, 2022

Webinar on Artificial Intelligence in Intralogistics, March 31, 2022

Friday, March 4th, 2022

In May 2021 we launched successfully (60+ members attending) the ALICE Artificial Intelligence for Logistics Applications group as part of the ALICE Systems and Technologies for Interconnected Logistics Thematic Group. We have hosted sessions focussed on:

As next step, we are organizing this webinar for ALICE members only in which our distinguished speakers will briefly share the application area they are working in, the problem they are addressing, why and how AI is the right technology for intralogistics and how solutions are technically realized. Our speakers will share their experience, learnings and next steps. We will be able to discuss and ask questions to them. One of the purposes of the webinar is to invite ALICE members to join their demos and set up future pilot projects.


14:30 – 14:35 Welcome and introduction. Liesbeth Brügemann, ALICE AI group leadership team and Program Manager at TKI DINALOG

14:35 – 15:15 Survey on industrial intralogistics AI projects. KION (Topics: KION Warehouse of the Future Vision, IMOCO, ARIBIC, Deep-PTL, AI.FACTORY)

  • With the Warehouse of the Future Vision as a starting point, KION will be demonstrating the current use of AI in intralogistics with various innovation projects. Activities here range across the use of AI in autonomous transport vehicles and logistics robots, the processing of sensor data to create digital twins, and for the development of intelligent assistance systems for manual forklifts. The implementation of the project goals is carried out in close collaboration with external partners from science and industry. 
  • Speaker: Patrick Erbts, Research Manager Technology & Innovation, KION Group. 

15:15 – 15:25 Q&A session (KION talk). Moderated by Liesbeth Brügemann, ALICE AI group leadership team and Program Manager at TKI DINALOG

15:25 – 15:45 AI apllied research. IML

  • The variety and number of AI applications in intralogistics is constantly growing. The Fraunhofer IML gives insights into their current research projects such as Felice and the Lamarr Institute. Above all, object detection and navigation for mobile robots, manipulators, but also autonomous driving in yard logistics pose several challenges. In addition, the talk addresses how simulation can serve as a game changer. 
  • Speaker: Dr. Sören Kerner, Head of Department of AI and Autonomous Systems.

15:45 – 15:55 Q&A session. Moderated by Liesbeth Brügemann, ALICE AI group leadership team and Program Manager at TKI DINALOG

15:55 – 16:00 Closing. 


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