Oct 26, 2021

Artificial Intelligence in planning, simulation and forecasting

Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

In May 2021 we launched successfully (60+ members attending) the ALICE Artificial Intelligence for Logistics Applications group as part of the ALICE Systems and Technologies for Interconnected Logistics Thematic Group.

Recently we hosted the session on Artificial Intelligence in ports and freight transport applications.

As next step, we are organizing this webinar in which our distinguished speakers will briefly share the application area they are working in, the problem they are addressing, why and how AI is the right technology and how the solution is technically realized. Our speakers will share their experience, learnings and next steps. We will be able to discuss and ask questions to them.


14.00h: Welcome and short introduction. Andreas Nettsträter, ALICE TG3 vice-chair & Fraunhofer IML and Fernando Liesa, ALICE

14.10h: AI driven manufacturing processes in the knowlEdge project: relations to supply chains. Stefan Walter, VTT

14.30h: Machine Learning as a Key to Success for Reducing Supply Chain Uncertainty – Insights from the Project NEXT and Research Perspectives. Patrick Brandtner, FH Steyr

14.50h: Demand forecasting and intelligent planning based on AI. David Cipres, ITAINNOVA

15.10h: Discussion and Next Steps. Andreas Nettsträter

15.30h: End


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