May 24, 2022

ALICE Inland Waterways Transport activity field launch meeting

Wednesday, May 4th, 2022

Why this webinar

Inland waterways form an imperative pillar that contributes to targeting climate neutrality. In this regard, Thematic Group 2 (Corridors, Hubs and Synchromodality) is developing an inland waterways transport (IWT) activity to accelerate the adaptation of IWT to address the needs of users and linking them to solution providers, running projects  and interested parties within  ALICE.

The objectives of the IWT programme are:

  • Create a stable group within ALICE to share experiences, projects and initiatives directed to increase the use of Inland Waterways Transport in logistics chains. ALICE members active in the field know other members competences and capabilities.
  • Further contribute to creating links across projects (as IW-NET tech. mgr. and liaised with ST4W) already participating in an action for projects cross-collaboration involving several IW projects and BOOSTLOG.
  • Support cross-fertilization and identification of opportunities to share shippers’, cargo owners’ and forwarders’ expectations on future developments of IWT.
  • Share and discuss ALICE roadmaps (zero emissions and physical internet) with the IWT stakeholders and connecting IWT roadmaps to a broader perspective contributing to further alignment.
  • Share innovative initiatives from IWT facilitating the use and engaging more users in IWT innovation events.

See attached the Activity Description.

These ALICE members have declared already interest in the activity and can provide experiences and relevant initiatives: ALSIC, Blue Innovators, Circoe, FH Steyr, ICCS, IDIT, IDOM, ITA INNOVA, ITS Norway, PNO, POM Limburg, RINA and RWS. Contact us if you want to engage of for more information.


Welcome and introduction

IWT broad perspective

The user/shippers perspective of IWT

  • Sergio Barbarino. Research Fellow at P&G and ALICE vice-chair
  • Hans Schurmans. Director Logistics operations and transformation at Proximus



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