5th Transport Mode

Explore the relevance of effective realisation of the fifth transport mode (hyperloop, tube transport, underground transport, …) for the physical internet.  On which domains can the fifth transport mode support the final objective of emission free logistics by 2050 and in what applications will it bring the most value in the short term.  Continental e-fulfilment flows, flows between cities, flows between airport, flows between ports, any combination thereof?   Where lie the opportunities, where the threats? How can additional research help build the case?

Currently taking on the role of theme manager hyperloop in Flanders and have established connection with the 7 main global hyperloop technology pioneers, confirming the need of additional supply chain expertise in the domain.

Which is the Output/what do you want to deliver?

  • Exchange of knowledge: which cargo related projects are being developed in the fifth transport mode and their status.  State of the Art progress. Understand the needs and requirements based on ALICE roadmpas and share with the initiatives
  • Outreach: provide consolidated expectations and views and knowledge to the assembled fifth transport stakeholders.
  • Priority for research: next to the many technical opportunities in various domains it is clear that the fully generated effect from a holistic perspective of a fully implemented continental network has not been explored.  To be able to do this, various subjects need to be researched in depth.

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