Nov 08, 2022

Hyperloop initiatives: state of play and perspectives for cargo

Friday, October 21st, 2022

Why this session with ALICE members

Considering the complexities and subsequent limitations of the existing transport modes, the possible arrival of a new transport mode on the scene creates a lot of buzz and excitement, and most certainly in the world of (cargo) transport… Hyperloop is a fast developing technology with a set number of global technology developers who most recently have clearly shifted their focus towards cargo.

However, Hyperloop is a transport mode in full development that still holds many unknowns to many.  This session will provide you with a better understanding of the technology and provide answers to a series of questions that will set us on the way in shaping this new transport mode to support the concept of the Physical Internet:

  • How can Hyperloop contribute to Europe’s climate ambitions ?
  • What is the ‘real’ current state of the Hyperloop technology ?
  • What does the focus to cargo of the Hyperloop developers entail ?
  • Which opportunities does  this shift hold for logistics and the Physical Internet in particular ?
  • What kind of spill over effects are possible for wider application in (port) logistics ?

With this webinar we want to increase the understanding of the transport mode and its possibilities with direct contributions of two Hyperloop Technology Pioneers and potential users of the (spill-over) technology.

Subsequently, we would like to create a platform for periodic consultation between supply chain stakeholders and Hyperloop developers to catalyse the development of useful cargo applications.

We expect the participation of:

  • Shippers and cargo owners
  • Logistics service providers, freight forwarders and transportation companies
  • Intermodal operators, ports and airports
  • Other ALICE members interested in this technology



  • 14.20-14.35 Juan Vicèn, Zeleros Hyperloop, Hyperloop Technology Pioneer, Spain – State of the Art, global networks and cargo development
  • 14.40-14.55 Vlad Iorgulescu, Swisspod, Switzerland, Colorado US – State of the Art and supply chain integration and networks
  • 14.55-15.00 Call to action to set up an ideation group to help hyperloop technology pioneers shape efficient and relevant cargo solutions’ integration in the fifth transport mode

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