Mar 08, 2018

Towards Zero Emissions Logistics Workshop

Friday, March 16th, 2018

ALICE adopted the objective towards “Zero Emissions Logistics”  for its long term strategy (2050) as agreement of the members in the latest Plenary in December 2017.The challenge is enourmous as well as the urgency to act and achieve quick improvements.

ALICE will work on a roadmap in which we will frame our ideas and build up consensuss on concepts, milestones and opportunities in the path to Zero Emissions. We will define what we mean with Zero Emission Logistics, the path to get to the right measurement system, we will identify interim milestones and targets as well as the technologies and practices that should support reaching those targets.

As the first milestones in this process,  ALICE renewed Working Group on Sustainabile Logistics Supply Chains in collaboration with the LEARN project organizes a first workshop that will take place on the 8th and 9th of March in Procter & Gamble Brussels Innovation Center (BIC). We will build on the outcomes of the earlier Collaborative Innovation Days and its final report (link).

Logistics Emissions Accounting


  • Sergio Barbarino. P&G and ALICE Chairman (presentation)
  • Paola Chiarini. Policy Officer. European Commission – DG MOVE (presentation)

Setting the scene – Sophie Punte, SFC & Chair of ALICE Sustainability Working Group (Presentation)

Panel: Logistics emissions accounting: The user’s perspective
Moderator: Eszter Toth-Weedon. Smart Freight Center (SFC)

Panel: Logistics emissions accounting: The service providers perspective
Moderator: Alain Baeyens. 30º North & ALICE Sustainability WG Vice-chair.

  • Methodology: Alan Lewis, GLEC Director, Smart Freight Centre (presentation)
  • Tool/program: Leon Simons, Project Manager, Connekt /Lean & Green (presentation)
  • ICT provider: Marcel Huschebeck, Logistics Research Portfolio Manager, PTV Group (presentation)
  • Research: Kerstin Dobers, Environment and Resource Logistics Manager, Fraunhofer IML (presentation)

Roadmap approach & breakout sessions explanation. Sophie Punte, SFC & Chair of ALICE Sustainability Working Group (presentation)

Logistics Emissions Reduction Path


  • Jean Francois Aguinaga. Head of Unit. European Commission – DG R&I

Introduction of the day & objectives.

  • Sophie Punte. Executive Director, SFC & Chair of ALICE Working Group on Sustainable Logistics Supply Chains.

Decarbonization targets and measures to achieve them: state of knowledge.

  • Alan McKinnon. Professor of Logistics at KLU. (presentation)

A logistics decarbonisation agenda: state of practice in the Netherlands.

  • Hans Quak. Senior Scientist Sustainable Transport and Logistics at TNO. (presentation)

Logistics decarbonization Agenda from an industry perspective.

  • Sergio Barbarino. Research Fellow at P&G and ALICE Chairman. (presentation)

Roadmap approach & breakout sessions explanation.

  • Lóri Tavasszy. Professor in Freight and Logistics at TU Delft and ALICE Working Group on Sustainable Logistics Supply Chains Vice-Chair.(presentation)


Zero Logistics Emmissions Workshop Draft Agenda




Activities performed with the support of SENSE project“Accelerating the Path Towards the Physical Internet”. The SENSE project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 769967.

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