Launch of the Task Force on Accelerating Innovation Uptake for Sustainable Transport

Wednesday, December 15th, 2021

The BOOSTLOG and ENTRANCE projects have joint 5 other Horizon 2020 projects as founder projects for Task Force on Accelerating Innovation Uptake for Sustainable Transport. The Task Force aims to:

  • raise awareness of project activities on advancing market uptakes of innovation in transport to a wide range of stakeholders including high-level policy makers;
  • mobilise resources from projects and other initiatives to address key obstacles, thus facilitating market uptake of innovations;
  • create cross-project, cross-sectoral cooperation to maximise impacts of project activities and avoid duplication.

The Task Force will initially address the following four main obstacles:

  1. Mismatch of demand and supply; innovative suppliers may not reach potential users and potential users may not be aware of or able to find innovations they need.
  2. Lack of funding or financial support for implementation and high risk of implementation of innovative solutions; implementation of innovation may require funding, even though in the long term it will lead to economic benefits; investment is also needed to make innovative solutions ‘market-ready’ or ‘implementation-ready’; risk of implementation may include lack of political support (due to change of government or policy priorities), and lack user acceptance.
  3. Inability to measure impact of innovation, thus complicating the formulation of reliable targets. Without evidence-based impacts, decision makers (either in the public or in the private sector) may hesitate to implement innovations.
  4. Limited technical knowledge and insufficient vision; buyers and implementation practitioners may lack sufficient technical knowledge to provide support to implementation of innovation, and they also may not have the vision for using innovation to help decarbonisation of the sector, as well as increasing efficiency and enhancing competitiveness.

Please download the announcement on Launch of the Task Force on Accelerating Innovation Uptake in Transport. 

The Task Force is open to all EU, national or regional projects that wok on advancing market uptake of innovative transport solutions that can contribute to decarbonisation of the sector. For more information about the Task Force, please contact Yanying Li, ALICE Head of Programmes and Knowledge Management

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