Investigating transformation and structural changes in freight and logistics STORM & ALICE together at TRA, 14-17 November, Lisbon

Friday, October 28th, 2022

At TRA2022, STORM project wants to connect with the European freight and logistics community and bring hot topics related digitalization, future zero-emission vehicles scenarios and policies.” Yancho Todorov, Senior Scientist & Project Manager, and STORM project Coordinator at VTT




About STORM project

Funded under European Union’s Horizon 2020 program, Smart freight TranspOrt and logistics Research Methodologies – STORM project aims at investigating the transformation and structural changes in freight and logistics business operations from different perspectives. In particular, the project is focusing on future challenges and requirements of the sector by developing new procedures and tools to support digitalisation, sustainability transition, and future policy requests.

Project concept

STORM project is first screening existing trends and challenges of the freight and logistics sectors to identify new needs and knowledge gaps. In parallel to this, new sources of data enabled by the digitalization are assessed. Along with new methods and tools for analysis of the structural changes, as well as for processing of big data will be used to empower three use case scenarios for zero-emission freight focused on data analytics of zero-emission trucks and optimal charging network design, green city logistics, aiming at optimization the inner city flows and policy analysis to follow up the structural changes in logistics through agent-based simulation. As a result of the project, recommendations for future business, research and policies will be provided, as well as a toolbox of open access materials.

STORM project concept


Consortium and partners

STORM project consortium is led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, contributing in all project activities with its expertise in system level planning and simulation of vehicle fleets and exploitation of data, and partners from Fraunhofer ISI (Germany), taking a leading role on the identification of knowledge and methodological gaps in the freight sector and elaboration of novel methods and concepts, Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), bringing the knowledge and experience in energy economics and energy system modelling, alternative transportation fuels, sustainability standards, technological change, consumer behaviour and mobility, Czech Technical University in Prague (Czechia),  contributing with its rich expertise in the logistics and freight domain to reach out interested stakeholders, identifying new data sources, elaboration of novel methods and concepts, and use case scenarios, as well as ERTICO-ITS (Belgium) that will contribute to maximize the impact of the project through dissemination and communication activities targeting different stakeholder’s groups and the wider public.

To support the project activities, the STORM consortium decided to establish a project Advisory Board including members from various stakeholder organizations and freight and logistics business. Among them are Zaragoza Logistics Center (Spain), Camideos (Germany), ABB eMobility Digital Venture (Netherlands), ATOS (Spain), Transport & Environment Society (Belgium), Transmetrics (Bulgaria), CLEPA – European Association of Automotive Suppliers (Belgium), Intelligent Transportation Society, ITS (Finland), Alliance for Freight and Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe, ALICE (Belgium) and European Conference of Transport Research Institutes, ECTRI.

Come to cooperate with us!

To find out more about STORM project, check the project’s website and sign up for the Newsletter, as well as follow the social media, Twitter and LinkedIn, to be kept updated with the project’s progress and activities.


At the ALICE booth, STORM will have a project presentation and showcase the results of the project at the Innovation Theatre on:

  • Wednesday 16th November from 11.45 – 13.15 (presentation is available here
  • Wednesday 16th November from 14-14:30 for a joint session between STORM and BOOSTLOG project (this session will bring the two project consortia together to have a dialogue on identified gaps in knowledge and needs for research and innovation for the logistics sector) 

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