ALICE Logistics Innovation Award on Logistics Networks Announced!

Thursday, March 16th, 2023

The Award Selection Committee has chosen the winners of the fourth ALICE Logistics Innovation Award, dedicated to Logistic Networks. The Selection Committee has decided to give awards to three categories: Gold award; Silver award; two Bronze awards.

The Winners

  • The Gold award was given to Ekol for ‘Multimodal short sea’ – Rail transport service
  • The Silver award was given to Kombiverkehr for ‘Intermodal Network 2015’
  • Two Bronze awards were given to Hacon for ‘Train Monitor’, and to VTG for ‘Retrack Network’

Download the Logistics Networks – Cloud Report describing the winners’ achievements in detail

Download the Press release 4th ALICE Award Announcement

About the Award:

The ALICE Logistics Innovation awards were organized in the framework of the BOOSTLOG project, aiming to recognize those companies and organizations that have successfully managed to transform knowledge generated in R&Ifunded projects into innovations in the market, transformative changes in society and markets or implemented effectively as part of policies and policy guides.

The Selection Committee consists of four experts:

Evaluation for the ALICE Logistics Innovation Award was based on the following criteria: Impact on Logistics Networks and Market/Modal shift; Scalability, potential growth and impact; Innovation; Sustainability, Durability; Simplicity of implementation; Transferability of solution

More information:

 Visit BOOSTLOG’s webpage:

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