Europe’s Rail Partnership

The rail operators’ sector has clearly defined which technologies will allow them to realise the agreed doubling the volume by 2030 (EC objective is 50% increase in rail freight by 2030). The deployment into the market on an overall European scale will be more difficult but needs acceleration. It will be crucial to evolve from a product-oriented innovation to functional innovation addressing users needs in open platforms and following Physical Internet principles. It would be a huge achievement if in at least a few of the technologies a proper deployment strategy is in place and in execution jointly with cargo owners that can find in rail a good strategy to achieve their supply chain decarbonization.

Which is the Output/what do you want to deliver?

  • Effective place for Alice in the systems and innovation pillar of the new Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking as well as towards the EC
  • Create consensus within ALICE membership on our dialogue/critical aspects that should be addressed by the EC and the partnership
  • Recommendations to the Europe´s Rail Partnership on Programmes and calls.
  • Increase awareness within ALICE on rail freight developments and potential opportunities for cargo owners, freight forwarders and shippers.

How can ALICE members contribute/participate?

  • By bringing the same message in their outreach/networks particularly to member states in the Programme Committee of Horizon Europe
  • From more user-oriented Alice Members (end customers) also a push towards more focus on the actual realisation of projects and generation of impact, less on the pure technology innovation.


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