Jun 19, 2024

Digitalization and data sharing discussion paper workshop

Tuesday, May 7th, 2024

The future of efficient logistics through synchronised data sharing

In this workshop the Discussion Paper: A new level of data synchronization for efficient logistics data exchange (Link) will be presented and discussed with ALICE members.

The discussion paper, linked to the ALICE activity field on data sharing proposes a solution from the industry perspective to support the creation of more efficient logistics processes and facilitate the exchange of data while improving its accuracy between business partners and with governments.

The discussion paper offers a proposal for framework for data exchange within business partnerships while retaining control and ownership of the data during the whole process. This enables parties involved in logistics chains to share relevant data related to operational processes and their execution. It is based on a fully decentralized approach and relies on two main contributions: an abstract language used as a pivotal semantic level and a suite of protocols to realize data exchange in a secure and timely manner.

The goal of this workshop is to raise awareness and generate consensus on how to benefit from European Digitalization initiatives in support of ALICE mission


Paper-based documents, fragmented information and various system silos contribute to inefficiencies in freight transport and logistics. These inefficiencies relate to challenges to proper planning that turn out in delays, uncertainties, higher administrative costs as well as unnecessary emissions. Many digitalization initiatives have been launched to tackle such problems from both governmental and industry perspectives.

The former relates to the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) which supports and contributes to the development and implementation of the new eFTI regulation and corridors information systems. The Common European Mobility Data Space (EMDS) initiative aims to facilitate data access, pooling and sharing for more efficient, safe, sustainable, and resilient transport. Additionally, and transversal to all industries the European Strategy for Data and the implementation of the data act aims to address the challenges and unleash the opportunities presented by data in the European Union, emphasizing fair access and user rights, while ensuring the protection of personal data. The industry perspective covers companies and organizations who build data sharing solutions within their own processes and systems for their daily operations and structural initiatives such as the ones from the Open Logistics Foundation.

It is crucial to understand how companies can leverage their existing assets while tangibly aligning with DTLF, EMDS and all different Governmental initiatives and principles when connecting with various parties, including new ones.


1. Welcome and Introduction

2. ALICE Discussion Paper presentation.

  • Christophe Maurin – GEODIS

3. Q&A with ALICE members

4. Interactive session: gathering feedback from ALICE Members

5. Next Steps


The recorded session videos and presentations will be made available after the workshop in the ALICE Knowledge Platform Systems & Technologies for Interconnected Logistics group event page:

*For members only

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