May 18, 2022

Webinar on advanced biofuels experiences in road freight

Monday, April 25th, 2022

Why this webinar

The Efficient and Low Emissions Assets and Energy theme leadership team invites you to this webinar in which we will briefly share experiences and practices of using advanced biofuels in road transport.

You will have the opportunity to hear about implementation of advanced biofuels – practical examples.

We will address questions such as:

  • What are the top 5 things to know about using biofuels?
  • What´s the potential contribution to decarbonize road freight?
  • What needs to change to decarbonize your road freight?

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Session chaired by Graham MajorEx, ALICE Efficient and Low Emissions Assets and Energy vice-chair and Head of Green Revenue at Sennder

Introduction & objectives of the meeting:

  • Overview of the Low Emissions Assets and Energy theme Programme and activities. Graham MajorEx. Head of Green Revenue at Sennder

Experiences and collaboration opportunities:

  • Neste – world’s leading producer of HVO. Mats Hultman. Head of OEM Partnerships at Neste

How renewable fuels can help us meet the climate goals already now. Regarding road transports: what is HVO, how is the availability, how it works and what is the difference to FAME. Presentation will also include a short overview of Neste’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

  • IKEA – providing practical examples of their experiences with biofuels. Johann Spriet. Sustainability Developer at IKEA Supply Chain Operations

IKEA Supply Chain Operations decarbonization strategy including our biofuel position and examples of biofuel implementation in our flows.

  • An Post – sharing insights on the operations side of biofuels, such as fuel consumption vs. diesel etc.  Finbarr Power. Energy Manager at An Post

The presentation will detail An Post’s HVO trial, which commenced in their Galway delivery office in September 2021. An Post Energy Manager, Finbarr Power, will give an overview of the implementation, challenges and results (HVO efficiency versus diesel) of the trial. Finally, Finbarr will detail An Post’s next steps towards further decarbonising its fleet.

Q&A and round table discussion with speakers

  • Graham MajorEx. Head of Green Revenue at Sennder


Know more about our guest speakers

Graham MajorEx, Green Business and eMobility – Head of Green Revenue at Sennder Graham Major-Ex is the Head of Green Revenue at Sennder, where he is responsible for advanced fuels, e-mobility and carbon strategy at Europe’s leading digital freight forwarder with over $350 M in funding raised.

Graham has received his: MBA in Renewable Energy from Berlin Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Chinese from Middlebury College

Professional Experience Highlights: Sennder, Head of Green Revenue, Berlin – since 2020; American Express (Fortune 100 Company) Global Business Strategy, New York; CBRE, (Fortune 500 Company) Head of Retail, North China, Beijing


Mats Hultman, Head of OEM Partnerships at Neste Mats is a strong enthusiast of Neste’s vision to create a healthier planet for our children – by promoting immediate action on climate change through renewable fuels as one of the solutions available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transport.

Mats has a strong background from the vehicle industry in several different roles where he has been active for the last 20 years. Over the years he has held various international positions such as Tech Center Manager, Sales Director and Site Manager. His main responsibilities at Neste is to develop and orchestrate collaborations and partnerships with vehicle manufacturers. Mats is also responsible for leading a Well-to-Wheel initiative at Neste and to support the development of new regulation frameworks. Mats works in the Innovation and R&D area at Neste.

Mats has studied product development and mechanical engineering at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Johann Spriet, Sustainability Developer at IKEA Supply Chain Operations Johann Spriet is the Global Sustainability Developer for IKEA Supply Chain Operations for 5 years with a strong focus on Land and Ocean transport decarbonization.  Before that I studied industrial engineering and have 10 years’ experience in logistics and transportation in manufacturing and retail sector



Finbar Power, Energy Manager at An Post Finbarr is responsible for energy management at An Post, he has been Energy Manager since 2014. Finbarr manages the energy needs of 190 buildings and their reduction programme to comply with Government and EU targets.

Finbarr is responsible for the implementation of the ISO 50001 Energy Management system and carbon and sustainability reporting to organisations such as IPC, UPU and CDP.

Finbarr managed the implementation of HVO Biodiesel in our Galway delivery office this included the upgrade of existing fuel storage, pumps and fleet management system. Finbarr liaises with our HVO fuel supplier and monitors the vehicle efficiency following the switch from diesel to HVO.



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