May 28, 2019

Webinar: L’OREAL vision on future supply chains & city logistics

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Webinar by François-Régis Le Tourneau

On the 28th of May, 14.00 hours (CET), ALICE organizes a  webinar with key note speaker François-Régis Le Tourneau who will share with us his vision on future supply chains & city logistics implications.

Among others, Francois Regis will share the latest developments within the Strategic Dialogue Group of Industry & Cities for Sustainable Urban Freight Transport and Logistics

Scope of the Webinar:

L’ORÉAL is fully committed to its sustainable development and has set challenging emissions reduction targets. Transport & logistics is recognized as one of the key areas to decarbonize supply chains. Francois Regis will brief on these areas of intervention at L’ORÉAL and will go deeper on decarbonizing urban logistics collaborativelly.

How to accelerate cooperation between public and private sector, in order to manage towards the target of CO2-free emissions in larger urban areas for 2030, as claimed in the 2011 European Commission White Paper?

ALICE and POLIS started a strategic dialogue to lead transformation in cities so that urban freight and logistics is proactively responding to the pollution, congestion, safety and environmental challenges.

Both organizations aim at developing a robust strategic public-private dialogue to share practices and facilitate collaboration models between cities and industry, this to prioritise topics and accelerate the deployment of solutions towards a cleaner and sustainable urban freight transport. …read more

In our webinar, we propose to go through these topics and to showcase some good inspiring practices.

About Francois-Régis:

François-Régis Le Tourneau is of French and German nationality and speaks multiple languages. He has a strong track record in executive positions in Controlling & Finance as well as Supply Chain Management.

During the last 25 years at L’Oréal, François-Régis has managed organizational and transformational projects on selective and consumer channels with impacts on large teams.

He is a team leader with a strong focus on identification and development of individuals skilled to collaborate. His role is always to anticipate, innovate and obtain results in complex organizations.

He is now in charge of setting and digitalizing the referential and standards for the company. He runs subsidiary compliance assessment along the supply chain and benchmarks organizations’ performance. François-Régis develops prospective watch of trends and innovation in Supply Chain on a global scale. He also defines training programs and vision for the Supply Chain community.

The management of Supply Chain transformation and its exposure to the outside world is one of his passions along with the external representation at leading professional organizations. As such he is member of the board of ASLOG (the French Supply Chain Association), BVL (the German Logistic Association) and ALICE (Alliance for Logistic Innovation & Cooperation in Europe).

Last but not least, he defines, deploys and animates the Corporate Social Responsibility Program for Supply Chain, embedded in the Sharing Beauty With All Coporate Program of L’Oréal.

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