Feb 17, 2021

ALICE & POLIS Urban Logistics Thematic Group Meeting

Thursday, January 21st, 2021

The meeting will take place online on 17th February from 3 to 5PM 

  • Welcome & introduction Charlotte Migne (FM LOGISTIC & ALICE Urban Logistics Chair)
    • Changes in ALICE Urban Logistics Leadership team and intro from Magnus Blinge (SCANIA)
  • Polis learnings during 2020 and 2021 activities concerning urban logistics. Lola Ortiz. Madrid City Council & Giacomo Lozzi (POLIS)
  • Alice / Polis collaboration and next steps. Giacomo Lozzi (POLIS) & Fernando Liesa (ALICE)
  • Promising initiatives in the field of urban logistics
    • Roland Berger/FM LOGISTIC study. Charlotte Migne
    • Collaborative Urban Logistics and Transport. Hans Schurmans (PROXIMUS & ALICE Urban Logistics Vice-Chair)
    • City Logistics Innovation Campus.  Walther Ploos van Amstel Professor in City Logistics Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • Updates on other Relevant initiatives. Charlotte Migne, Fernando Liesa and Paola Cossu (FIT Consulting and ALICE Urban Logistics Vice-chair
    • Update of Alice paper on COVID 19 consequences on urban logistics. 10th of March 2021 15.00-16.30 hours (New date!) 
    • Shared Mixed Urban Zones/Curb side management. Learnings from the workshop 17th of December 2020
    • Measurement of urban logistics impacts and experiences on applying GLEC framework in cities: call for existing initiatives in companies.
    • Liaised R&I projects: LEAD, ULaaDs, GECKO, others?
    • Funding Opportunities in Horizon Europe for Urban Logistics.

More information shared within the invitation and over the Intranet: Urban Logistics Thematic Group (TG5).


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