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Following the remarkable expansion of e-commerce, the world is experiencing an unparalleled growth in last-mile transport, and the steep curve is expected to continue in the years to come. This new reality brings a number of challenges to urban and peri-urban ecosystems and puts immense pressure on courier companies for seamless servicing of higher volume home deliveries.

Against this backdrop, GREEN-LOG, the 3.5-year Horizon Europe co-funded project, aims to accelerate systemic changes and create last- mile delivery ecosystems that are economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable.

GREEN-LOG offers Logistics-as-a Service platforms for interconnected city logistics, automated delivery concepts using autonomous vehicles and delivery droids, cargo-bike-based innovations for sustainable micro-consolidation, and multimodal parcel deliveries integrating public transportation. The solutions are supported by networked city logistics dataspaces that supply dynamic services for proactive ecosystem optimisation while respecting the interests of stakeholders including consumers, businesses, and the city.

The GREEN-LOG approach provides a cutting-edge simulation environment for scenario building combining different solutions to enable the integration of last-mile delivery interventions with the highest possible impact on environmental sustainability and traffic reduction, also considering their financial viability.

The approach is deployed and validated in five Urban Living Labs (LLs), an inclusive set of demonstration sites that cover EU regions with different Urban Logistics characteristics and varying challenges, namely: Athens (GR), Barcelona (ES), Flanders – Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen (BE), Oxfordshire (UK) and Ispra (IT). Three follower cities that experience rapid economic and social change – Arad (RO), Helsingborg (SE), and Valga (EE) – will be involved in testing the transferability of the proposed innovations.

GREEN-LOG, coordinated by Netcompany-Intrasoft, is a strong consortium of 30 high-profile partners from all over Europe, including SMEs, universities and research institutes, a large IT company, major last-mile logistics operators, city authorities, a city logistics association and an association of EU cities.

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GREEN-LOG is a project under the CIVITAS Initiative, an EU-funded programme working to make sustainable and smart mobility a reality for all. Read more –

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