ESCALATE project at ALICE Innovation Village

ESCALATE – Powering European Union Net Zero Future by Escalating Zero Emission HDVs and Logistic Intelligence

Heavy-duty vehicles account for about 25% of EU road transport CO2 emissions and about 6% of total EU emissions.In line with the Paris Agreement and Green Deal targets, Regulation (EU) 2019/1242 setting CO2 emission standards for HDVs (from August 14, 2019) forces the transition to a seamless integration of zero-emission vehicles into fleets.

Following the European 2050 goals, ESCALATE aims to demonstrate high-efficiency zHDV powertrains (up to 10% increase) for long-haul applications that will provide a range of 800 km without refueling/recharging and cover at least 500 km average daily operation (6+ months) in real conditions.

ESCALATE is built on the novel concepts around 3 main innovation areas, which are:\

  • Standardized well-designed, cost-effective modular and scalable multi-powertrain components;
  • Fast Fueling & Grid-friendly charging solutions; and
  • Digital Twin (DT) & AI-based management tools considering capacity, availability, speed, and nature of the charging infrastructures as well as the fleet structures


  1. Development and demonstration of ground-breaking high-efficiency long-haul b-HDV, f-HDV and r-HDV at a minimum GVW of 40t with 800km unrefueled/uncharged range under real-world operational conditions
  2. Development and demonstration of cost-effective standardized modular electric multi-powertrains in real-world conditions for a minimum 500 km daily operation under full load for 6 months
  3. Development and demonstration of connected grid-friendly (multi) energy fast charging concepts and solutions
  4. Seamless integration and fluid operation of Zero-emission HDV fleets both en-route (TEN-T and highway hubs) and in the storage depots/logistics hubs
  5. Development of 5 Trustworthy Modular Digital Twins of demonstrator vehicles for early identification and assessment of “Innovations True Value” (impact assessment+ valuation) in the context of 2Zero targets, continuous optimization and LCA
  6. Global Leadership for European Automotive, Logistics, and Infrastructure & Powering EU Absolute Zero Future through



Electra – Refrigerator Solar Battery
UK: Dundee – Southampton, 800km
Germany: Flensburg – Worth (Karlsruhe), 800km

FORD – Refrigerator Fuel Cell
Geneva – Lyon – Barcelona, 800km

BMC – Fuel Cell
Munich – Paris, 800km
Bolu – Istanbul – Bolu, 510km

MBT – Battery Electric
Istanbul – Sofia, 510km

SISU – Range Extender
Vuosaari (Helsinki) – Jyvaskyli – Vuosaari (Helsinki), 540km


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No. 101096598

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