Sep 04, 2018

The Delivery Economy Changes Everything: New Requirements for Urban Freight Research

Friday, July 20th, 2018

Webinar by Professor Anne Goodchild

On the 4th of September 16.00 hours, ALICE organizes a  webinar with key note speaker Anne Goodchild who will share with us her vision on the e-commerce and its impact on urban freight.

This webinar will be a perfect warm-up discussion for our Collaborative Innovation Day on Addressing Challenges of ecommerce in city logistics  (Rome on the 27th of September).


Shopping has changed.  Online purchases, delivery services, and customer demands are dramatically reshaping the retail industry.  How people shop, how supply chains operate, and how customers acquire goods changes transportation both on a personal level, and with respect to freight activity.  This shift, from personal shopping to delivery services, has particularly significant impacts on urban transportation systems; already strained for capacity and experiencing other changes in personal mobility.  In this talk, Professor Goodchild will review recent trends in supply chain and retail activity, and the ongoing research working to explain how this will affect transportation.  She will describe the work of the Urban Freight Lab, and how they are working with the public and private sector to understand urban freight trends, and test solutions.

About Anne Goodchild:

Anne Goodchild is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington.  As Founding Director of the Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center and the Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Online Master’s Program she leads the University of Washington’s academic and research efforts in the area of supply chain, logistics, and freight transportation.  She joined the UW faculty in December 2005 after completing her PhD at UC at Berkeley.  Dr. Goodchild is interested in the intersection between supply chain management and freight transportation.  In 2016 she launched the Urban Freight Lab, which addresses the challenges of the urban freight system by bringing together the public and private sector and engaging them in innovative research.

Before attending Berkeley she worked in consulting for 5 years in Europe and North America, for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and Applied Decision Analysis Inc., modeling business problems such.

Dr. Goodchild serves as the Freight Systems Group Chair for the Transportation Research Board.

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