Apr 18, 2016


Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

ALICE is proud to have been member organization of the TRA 2016 in Warsaw, Poland. 18th-21st April 2016.

Moving Forward was the theme of TRA 2016 attended by more than 2200 professionals and researchers. Today, many areas of the transport sector are changing. Yet, this is often incremental change. While this is progress, today’s technology and management advancements provide room for a faster rate of change. As we witness on-going trends such as asset sharing, e-commerce, industry 4.0. and the Internet of Things, the future is arriving with a faster rate of change than in the past. ALICE would like to facilitate our Moving Forward at an accelerated pace for more efficient and sustainable logistics.

 Alice’s vision on transport is to move towards a truly integrated transport system for sustainable and efficient logistics, based on an open and global system of shared transport and logistic assets, hubs, resources and services operated by individual companies in a network of logistics networks. We call this the “Physical Internet”.

 The Physical Internet idea embodies many innovative concepts from the various ALICE Research and Innovation Roadmaps. In addition, a number of running initiatives, policies and technologies are supporting potential implementations of the Physical Internet. The Physical Internet requires substantial breakthroughs in logistics operations that will not be realized by technical research alone.

We challenged the participants at TRA 2016 to identify the connections that will support delivering the breakthroughs that are needed. You can count on ALICE to follow up these connections and to work closely together with all TRA member organisations to realize these needed breakthroughs.

Logistics was present and spread across many of the Plenary, Strategic, Technical and Invited Sessions of TRA2016. ALICE Chairman, Ralph T. Keck, participated in the Plenary: “Creating One Europe – The Role Of Transport” and explained ALICE vision on future european transport to build a strong, competitive and sustainable Europe. Eric Ballot, one of the founders of the Physical Internet participated in the Plenary on the “Mobility for Tomorrow” and shared the concept and the latest advances on the matter. ALICE co-organised the Strategic Session on The Future of Logistics: The Physical Internet. ALICE Urban Logistics Working Group Chair, Mr. Dario Biggi, participated that same say on the Strategic Session on 21st April and also participates in the Strategic session on Smart and sustainable urban mobility for Tomorrow.

Especially relevant were the invited sessions on “Collaboration in Logistics Operations on 19th April and “Freight Corridors for Efficient Logistics” on 21st April. Moreover, ALICE will organize its plenary meeting on 20th April in the afternoon.

TRA2016 Declaration – Looking forward to TRA2018: “A Digital Era for Transport – New Solutions for Society, Economy and Environment”

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