Feb 21, 2023

Talking TIC4.0 in the Port and Terminal Industry

Monday, January 30th, 2023

Why this webinar

Port and terminal operations generate multiple events and data. Communicating data and their context has become crucial to understand where and how added value can be created in order to improve terminals processes, but also how such processes can be connected to the outside world (networks, carriers, shippers etc.). In this regard, standards and standard-operational-information-exchange schemes can enable different actors to work closely together. The objective of this webinar is to shed more light on the communication standards set by the Terminal Industry Committee (TIC4.0) and further explore their activities.

TIC4.0 is an international non-profit organisation with scientific, innovation and educational objectives focused on the port-logistics industry. TIC4.0 aims to develop and promote the adoption of process and technology standards through digitalisation for the cargo handling industry, with the view of facilitating the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies by companies active in the port terminal and logistics sectors. The general focus of TIC4.0 is on the terminal industry and more specifically on container terminal industry. The activities of TIC4.0 include the following:

  • To identify and define the technical vocabulary specific to the terminal industry, starting with the cargo handling industry.
  • To produce a comprehensive body of information on the definitions, terminologies, and their application to the operational dimension of the terminal industry.
  • To develop sample messages and communication protocols that may be used as templates by industry actors for seamless data communication.
  • To support the interoperability of different information sub-systems.
  • To enable the deployment of the TIC4.0 concepts by all interested industry actors.
  • To facilitate the adoption of new data driven technologies such as BigData, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Business Analytics, among others.

TIC4.0 bases itself on the principles of free enterprise competition, fair trade in Europe and throughout the world, and the promotion of fair and equal regulatory conditions for companies worldwide.


Welcome and introduction 

  • Tomas Ambra, Program Manager & Technical Lead at ALICE

TIC4.0 Introduction: association, objectives and partners

  • José Giménez, TIC4.0 Secretary General

TIC4.0 Technical Presentation – Digital Standards for the Port Industry and Logistics

  • Francisco Blanquer, TIC4.0 Chair of Operations Council




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