Jun 08, 2016

SYNCHRO-NET will be @ SIL 2016 Barcelona

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016


Barcelona will host the International Logistics & Material Handling Exhibition “SIL 2016”, one of the most important thematic events in the world, from June 7th to 9th. (Recinto de Montjuic – Plaza España de Fira de Barcelona – España)

The 18th SIL edition claim “18 years at the service of Logistics” tells all. This international exhibition, indeed, is leader in the Logistics and Material Handling lines of business, welcoming a 45 % of international companies during the last year edition. Year after year, SIL increased the business opportunities for its participants.

And… what a better occurrence for the SYNCHRO-NET Project Partners to hold the Internal Annual Meeting in Barcelona (The AYRE GRAN VIA, Gran Via de Les Catalanes, 322, Barcelona) on June 6th and 7th!

Furthermore, on the 8th of June, during the SIL CONGRESS (http://www.silbcn.com/es/index.php) “Consumer & Goods Session” (10: 30-11:30) the SYNCHRO-NET’s Partners will present the project.

SYNCHRO-NET is an international initiative funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme, aimed at exploiting the basis of connected information network at European level to allow the development of an innovative set of IT tools to manage intermodal chains in an agile, effective and environmentally friendly way.

In addition from 12:30 to 15:00 the Advisory Board – consisting of representatives from all the partners – and the ECTF* will organize a Stakeholder roundtable in  PRENSA room about these themes:

  • Synchro-modal logistics planning: principles, methods and tools;
  • Data and information flows in synchro-modal;
  • Concept of smart steaming;
  • IT integrity in cloud-based platforms.

All the partners would like to invite you to participate to both events and kindly request to confirm your attendance at the roundtable by mail to synchronet@dhl.com by 1st of June.

*The ECTF is a “Enhanced Cooperation Task Force” to support the overall stakeholder engagement strategy for enhanced cooperation and create a wide-open SYNCHRO-NET Community.


Reduction in fuel costs and emissions for ships, increase in modal shift to rail, reduction in hinterland transport costs, increased resilience, security and flexibility along the entire supply chain and a profound and lasting benefit in terms of global supply chain sustainability: these are just a few of the benefits that an  innovative Synchromodal Supply Chain may offer.

This “platform” will synchronize several modes of transport: road, rail and maritime, providing new alternatives and solutions that are much more efficient and less polluting.

The key innovation is the ability to simultaneously balance speed, cost savings and risk to reduce fuel costs and emissions while adopting strategies to avoid delays and reduce risk in the supply chain.

Three high-impact demonstrators, involving leading logistics providers and key industry players, will drive the development of the SYNCHRO-NET platform. One of them involves shipping of goods from the Far East to the ports of Valencia, Algeciras and Barcelona, and subsequent movement by rail inland and final short truck movement. The second demonstrator focuses on regional logistics movements through the Port of Cork. The third demonstrator will address multimodal container movements in major European route.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 636354.

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