Apr 07, 2022

Seminar on Blockchain Applications and Data Sharing Topics in the European Logistics Industry

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

Over the past 2 years we have been meeting each other only in a digital way. Although we are all used to this in the meantime, we are now for the first time in a position to meet each other finally face-to-face. So, we are inviting everybody to join a Blockchain interest group physical meeting Amsterdam.

As you might know the Blockchain Interest Group addresses the members of ALICE, but also those of ELUPEG. The ELUPEG organisation has been so kind to arrange this face-to-face meeting on April 7th, 2022, at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam with very interesting speakers, sharing their views on the use of Blockchain technology and the future of data-sharing.

We are also planning a joint dinner in NH Hotel, Schiphol Airport on April 6 at 19.30. Please note that the dinner is self-funded.




10:00  Welcome

10:10 Stocktaking of the European logistics market, its key trends and outlook on its digitalization

10:40 Unlocking road freight data for innovation

CO3 is building a road freight data platform that makes it easy for tech & logistics companies to access real-time data for road freight in Europe

  • Anton Gustafsson, Managing Director, CO3

11:10 Coffee Break

11:30 How the use of blockchain in supply chains will go in the future

  • Aljosja Beije, Director of Blocklab, Technical Director of the operational Naviporta blockchain solution in Rotterdam Harbour

12:00 How decentralized technologies like blockchain can drive collaboration in Maritime Logistics

Our learnings on securing the container release process, how to rollout decentralized infrastructure and how we aim for a more paperless document flow.

12:45 Lunch

13:45 ELUPEG Style Breakout Discussion in 3 Groups focusing on topics relating to the presentations

14:45 Feedback sessions from breakout groups

15:30 Close


Looking forward to meeting you!

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