Sep 07, 2023

Reliable Greenhouse Gas Emission Factors for Different Fuel Types

Friday, August 25th, 2023

Why this webinar

As we strive to address the pressing global climate crisis, understanding the carbon content of transport fuels becomes a crucial factor. This understanding empowers us to make informed decisions and implement effective strategies to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, transition to cleaner alternatives, and foster a sustainable and environmentally responsible transport sector. However, one of the challenges lies in grasping the precise benefits of low carbon fuels. While the emissions from fossil-fuels are relatively consistent, biofuels and hydrogen emissions can vary significantly based on feedstock and production processes. In this context, the ISO 14083 and GLEC Framework, as well as other emission factor databases, aim to provide accurate and reliable fuel emission factors to support the emissions accounting in the transport sector.

Join this webinar as experts from ifeu and Smart Freight Centre cover the ISO 14083 and GLEC Framework fuel emission factors for various energy carriers in the EU and the US, including their methodology and sources. It will also discuss current developments in fuel emission factor calculations, highlight the importance of reliable GHG emission factors for transport emissions accounting, and provide insights into future emission factor developments and new fuel types.


Welcome and introduction 

  • Fernando Liesa,  ALICE Secretary General and TG1 programme manager (ALICE)

Methods and challenges to derive fuel emission factors used in the ISO 14083

  • Kirsten Biemann, Senior Researcher (ifeu)

Comparison of ISO 14083 and GLEC Framework emission factors

Closure and next steps

  • Fernando Liesa

Additional information

You can access the publication: Fuel Emission Factors in ISO 14083 A brief description of the derivation of emission factors (July 2023). Link to publication for pre-reading.

More information about further projects you can join to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in global freight transportation, follow this link: SFC Project

To access presentation and recordings visit the event page in ALICE intranet. (Only for ALICE members)

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