November is Freight Month (UIC Freight)

Friday, November 25th, 2022

This November, the team at UIC Freight will be showcasing its core activities and future projects.

The Month kicks off with the Freight Department’s core assets being presented by the newly developed Fit for Freight competence centres. The next week moves onto their vital Combined Transport activities, which will become even more focal in coming years as multimodal supply chains continue to develop.

Later in November, all of the UIC Freight Forum members will discuss current rail freight issues and establish new projects to be developed in the near future.

Freight Month’s last few weeks will be entirely dedicated to UIC’s corridor approach as a solution to strengthening the freight sector’s cooperation on a global scale. After all, the world is only becoming more interconnected and corridors form a strong basis for trade success.

Over the course of the month, technical webinars on wagon exchange and braking will also be held, and the team will give presentations at several logistics events.

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Week 1: Opening of the UIC Freight Month
Week 2: Focus on Combined Transport
Week 3: Focus on the Freight Forum
Week 4 & 5: Focus on international Freight Corridors
Side events – UIC reaching out

More details of the programme are available now.

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